Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Day! ^o^

Yew-ooh! Happy Easter Day to all my friends... it's been a long time I never blog cos Mummy busy again! She just came back from Chiangmai- Thailand.. she went there for work.. and I miss her very much.. today I'm not going to school because it's our Good Friday-our holiday! My Maths teacher- Mdm. Tong and my Chinese teacher-Ms. Lee gave us some homework to do over the weekends. But I left it at my *ma-ma*'s house, and my Mummy is unhappy. She punished me earlier by asking me to stand at one corner for 10mins. She said that this is my responsibility to take care of my schoolwork and myself. Last Tuesday and Friday, I had great fun with my classmates during our PE lessons! We were playing balls together.. why I like my PE lessons cos that is the only time I do not have to do any schoolwork. When I go to P2 next year, I must join the ECA- football. I promise Mummy that I will be a good boy, not to be lazy again. She promise me a 'big' 'fantastic' birthday present for me.. Hooray!!!! I have to sleep now.. goodnight everybody..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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