Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My New Revamped Bedroom!

Mummy and Daddy so fabulous! They both went to iKea to get me a new bookcase, my fav red table for my computer, and a nice lill 'car' carpet and a shelve to put all my photo frames.... Daddy fixed the bookcase all by himself.. his shirt was wet all over... *eee... and Mummy helped mi to fixed the red table.. although the hole they drilled wrongly, Mummy so smart and found a way to fix it in the right position. I'm so proud of my room... everything so nice... so neat and tidy! Mummy nag at me and warned me to keep all my things in place otherwise she will not help me to revamp my room again.
Mummy complained my toys are too much... too many storybooks yet I always go to her and Daddy that I have no storybooks... *haiz... she is not going to give me extra money to buy anything from my school book fairs... *Gosh!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jiu-Jiu Belated Bday Dinner!

Lately his Daddy been spending lots of time with Brandon. He took one week leave to accompany Brandon at home during his Dec sch holidays. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves so much... went for movie show... have lunch and dinner together... window-shopping... play games... joke around and cuddle together in their cosy bed.... *kekeke....
Today we have dinner with Brandon's JiuJiu cos we missed his actual birth date... so we decided to give him a nice treat with lill Angel and her Mummy, and with their fav Ma-Ma... hehehe.... it's a newly open coffeeshop restaurant.. the food not bad... my bro was so happy cos i gave him an ang pow too! *hahaha

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Delivery of donation to Club Rainbow‏

Brandon is such a good boy today cos he helped his Daddy to deliver all donation collection from our home to Club Rainbow. Daddy has been busy helping the Club Rainbow these few weeks and response was so over whelming that all the donations flooded Brandon's room and whole our kitchen. 3 big claps for my baby been so helpful!!! .....
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