Monday, March 23, 2009

Yummy! Today Sri cooked Nasi Lemak... so delicious.. my FIl told me she cooked this recipe very well and I have never tried before. So, I requested her to cook today... very nice~~~ Brandon finished the whole plate wor... =D
Yesterday, he was with me at my office.. then after, we had a filling dinner at Sushi Tei.. I bought some fav snacks that Brandon likes.. and a 'Hopscotch' game for our oncoming Bintan trip. Daddy was in a good mood. He bought a toy for him at Toys"R"Us... Baby was so happy! Guess what?! I thought his Daddy will help him to fix the toy model when we reached my PIL's house. In the end, he fell asleep, and I'm the one who helped Baby to fix everything.. and mind you.. both my hands were painful after that! *Ouch!*

A Gift from Daddy

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Date with my Baby!

I have a date with my Baby yesterday! I took a day leave just to spend my whole day with him during his March school holidays... I am busy the whole week, so we are not travelling this time. But I have booked a Bintan short trip with him next early April. He will be so thrilled! We have so much fun yesterday... have our MacDonald lunch @ Downtown East... then after, we took a train ride to Suntec City... had a chilled Mango icecream with him.. then we booked our movie tickets @ Eng Wah... - 'Hotel for Dogs!'... *Fantastic!* We both enjoyed the show... touching.. funny... very meaningful... Lesson learnt >> never give up... never abandon anyone that we lubb... even if we cant afford it! I had a wonderful time with my Baby!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am so sorry folks! My dear Baby just corrected me about the Bakugan pic that I posted last few days is WRONG! I feel so embarrassed. The above pic is the correct one as per my dear Brandon. O_o

Unexpected Sickly Weekend!

Hee... anyone with drooling saliva after seeing my above cooking??? Im so happy cos this is my 2nd weekend cooking at my PIL's house. Im quite proud of myself that this time, the food taste more delicious than last week. I really put in lot of efforts preparing this meal for them. Brandon was such a good boy. He helped me to cut the susages into slices. That's all... cos the rest will be in my good hands... *hahaha* Im lucky to have Sri, my capable assistant with me. She is always there to help me prepare those ingrediemts and Im the one who do all the cooking. I can see she enjoy cooking with me in the kictchen. =D
When everything is ready, I get a bowl of fried rice for my FIL. He tried and he said it's nice... I think many of them like my prawns cos they are sweet and tasty. Even Brandon also lubb it so much! He finished his lunch by himself without my help. That's a good sign! Maybe I should bother to cook more often. Unfortunately, Brandon spoiled my 2nd half day mood the moment we reached Sentosa. We were to meet my sister and her frens at Siloso Beach for rest & relax... he suppose to go toilet before we leave the house and he didn't do so. When we reached our destination, he then informed me that he cannot hold his baldder anymore and it's gonna burst anytime! The worst is we can't find any toilet nearby. Im so angry bcos I didn't bring any spare clothes for him and I hate to have such a bad begining during my outing. He worsen my day by wetting on me too! Gosh! Do you know how mad I AM!!! I almost go crazy and I feel like strangling him. We managed to find a toilet in the end but everything is too LATE! I just threw his underwear away and cleaned up his pant with wet tissue.. feel so shitty! When we almost done and met up Rain's frens, the rain CAME! *Ahhhhhh* Today is totally a SUAY-SUAY day!!! Lessons learnt>> 1) Never ever bring Brandon out without a spare full-set clothing 2) Never ever bring Brandon out if I have any BAD hunch 3) Never ever bring Brandon out when the weather doesn't look good! 4) Never ever bring Brandon out when he is SICK! That's all for today. Whatever that was said here, mentioned and to be reminded here.. Brandon already knew bcos HE JUST READ IT! He said - 'Hey! Mummy!'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bakugan Card!

This is one of the Bakugan's card which my Baby so crazy about... I am not feeling well and I know I should be resting in bed. But I can't get to sleep. I kill my time by updating my Baby's blog. Currently he has more than 13 Bakugans and more 20over of these cards... Kids are so fortunate nowadays...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Officialy now Mummy-Baby Blog!

Today, I shall announce this blogspot belongs to 'Mummy-Baby's Blog'! I wanted to put in my thoughts and feels about my Baby here. I can't act on behalf of him since I AM NOT HIM. So after reading the past posts that I written for him, I realise he may have his otherwise thinking which I do not know about it. Being a mother to my baby for coming 8years, I was ashamed to admit that I still do not know him well. He has been a bright kid since young and only now then I realise I have deprived him from many things. I want him to be independant, to excel in whatever things I expect him to learn so that he do not fall behind other students/kids. I only shower him my lubb when I am in good mood and throw my tempers on him when I am in a foul mood. I expect him to understand my feeling, my stress when he was just barely 4 yrs old. He does not enjoyed his childhood like Caleb, eating biscuits and drop the crumbs all over the floor..using his hand to dip inside his bowl of cereal with milk.. playing water game inside/outside the house... drawing the walls... eat and drink and mess all over his clothes.. many many other things... I just want him to behave like an adult.. like me! I don't want any hassle from Baby... I am so cruel! *sigh* I hope I am not too late to be a good Mummy to him. I have failed my marriage but I do not wish to fail my duty as a 'Mother'. Every kid is special to their parents. No matter how good or bad our boy is, we will always protect and standby our kid. Many of my frens think that I am too strict with Baby, but I really meant for his own good. Now, Baby already a big boy.. getting more knowledge and he is aware and sensitive to many things. As much that I do not wish to affect him about our separation, but I feel it's a must that he should know so that it will not result a big impact to him when more things changes/happens.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

We had a fun weekend together! Did you see the pics above? I made this 'Potato Surprise' with Brandon today. He showed me a book that he borrowed from his school library. He sound so keen about cooking and I don't wish to disappoint him. So, I agreed to buy the ingredients with him this morning after our breakfast. He helped to cut the hot-dogs into cubes and those lill cherries into halves. He was so excited... we bought the Parmesan cheese for toppings.. I didn't know it's so expensive. It cost me SGD6.50 for a small packet leh! Gosh!

Then, Sri helped us to boil the potatoes before I cut a hole into each one in order to put in those ingredients . Brandon only helped out halfway and his eyes were glued to the TV after that. Guess what? He didn't helped further cos shortly after, he went out with his Dad to Popular to buy his color/art papers for the Origami. Kids are just that! So, of cos, I was left alone to finish the whole thing... I baked the potatoes for about 40 mins, we had the most Yummy bites! *kekeke* His YeYe & NaiNai lubb it too! Sri tried too... his Dad tried too.. I felt happy when I see everyone enjoying the food!

Then, I agreed to meet my sis to my Bro's house. We had a fun Wi-time at his house. We were totally crazy... playing this game called - RAYMAN and I took some pics of these 'Wi-Fanatics' to show all of you.. *hahaha* I believe Brandon had a wonderful time this wkend.. its been so long since I spend my wkends with him.. I will try my best to spend more time with him... and work hard for him cos I am really looking forward to own a hse for both of us in few years time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Angry with Mummy!

Mummy was happily outside having dinner with her friends. Daddy fetched me back tonite. I am angry because till now almost 11pm, Mummy still not back home. I called her earlier to ask her come back right away but she said she will be late. I am unhappy and I hung up her call. I want to sleep with her tonight but so late now, she still not back home!!! Why she is always with her friends???
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