Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Mummy is back early today.. bcos she rushed back to update my blog. She asked me about my sch tests, i told her i got 27/30 for my English and 24/30 for my Chinese... Mdm. Tong has not given back our Math test yet. I waned to share with you all about what i learned in school about "Show & Tell". Mummy helped mi to upload this picture. I like this cartoon character of 'Kung Fu Panda' bcos he can do funny Kung Fu actions and he gives us many funny jokes! It was so nice watching this video. I told Mummy that i will log-on Internet next time and look out for 'Kung Fu Panda' video clips in YouTube... *hee*

Daddy was playing a song named - We are the World... i know this song.. i like it and i also sing it!!! *lalala*.... ok.. i have to be in bed now otherwise Daddy will nag at mi again.. Goodnight! ***

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happily @ YeYe house!

Today I am very happy cos Mummy was with me the whole day. I woke up up to brush teeth together... She wanna sleep awhile more but I dun let her...=P NaiNai bought Roti-Prata for my breakfast.. Yummy! Daddy bought Mummy's favourite 'Lor-Mee'... She eat so fast!

Afternoon, NaiNai bought Duck noodle for my lunch but I don't like... I insist Mummy to cook the 'Maggie Mee' for me.. cos it's very delicious.. so I like it alot!!! Then, I accompanied her downstairs to buy cough syrup for YeYe.. cos he been coughing since last nite.. Mummy don't like YeYe to get sick again!

Then an idea came to me! I want to play 'snake & ladder' but it's at MaMa's house.. so I drew myself... Mummy took a picture of it.. she is so proud of mi wor.. *hehehe* Then I played with YeYe and NaiNai.. they so happy.. Yes, I'm the winner! # erm.. Mummy said I cheated cos there's no dice.. I told them to close their eyes to think of a no. # so Mummy scolded me again... =(

*But I still enjoy my weekend!.. cos Mummy accompanied both days... *

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brandnew Shoe fm Birkenstock!

Mummy bought this pair of new shoe for me after our Yummy dinner! The current one I'm wearing keeping cutting my skin.. so Mummy can't stand my grumbles, in the end she give up and walked into this Birkenstock shop... *hee* She said she will asked Daddy to pay for this cos too ex. for her le.. *hahaha* She wan me to tell Daddy but I dun dare.. *blehh*.. I told her to do it herself...

My Dinner with Mummy @ Shokudo!

whole day at Mummy's office.. I been having lots of fun.. watched u-tube videos and do my Maths e-learning.. so happy.. I even helped to entertain Mummy's customer.. she has a shocked when I told her guest I'm going to Bintan too next month.. Mummy just stared at me.. *boo* think she can't stand me so talkative.. *lalala* I really like to visit her office cos I have Uncle Daniel & Auntie Judy played with me.

After Mummy finished her work, we wanted to go Sake Sushi.. but it was closed at Raffles MRT. So, she decided to bring me to Raffles Place- Shokudo.. I thought there are sushi but there isn't.. Mummy said the Galic Fried rice is good, but it taste so bitter when i tried. Hmm! Naughty Mummy.. only ordered what she like to eat. Then she saw that I don't like my food at all, she gave up her Grilled Chicken rice to me.. Yummy! very nice.. I like it. She also ordered a Mushroom & Vegetable hotpot.. the soup was nice too! I still left abit.. i told her I'm full.. she tempt me with cold cold ice cream.. so, i quickly 'hump-hump'.. finished all my food and we go and choose 'cookies & cream' ice cream.. I Lubb It!!!!

I had a great day with Mummy.. so happy... =D

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday!

Finally it's Friday! Yeah!!! I lubb weekends... tonight I'm sleeping at MaMa's hse cos Mummy & Daddy is not free...I'm so happy cos YiYi i back early today.. Mummy called me around 8pm to question me about my Spelling and my homework. Because MaMa complained to her that I never pack my school bag nicely, my homework was half dne and my handwriting is very untidy.. *=P* Mummy was abit unhappy and she hope that I will buck up and learnt my lesson. She took a picture of the model car that I got for Remixis. He so poor thing! He has been hospitalised for the past 4days due to 'hand-foot-mouth disease'. So I bought him 2 sets of models (1-car+1-aeroplane). Mummy was back late last night, so I fixed the model by myself.. Hee.. Kool rite? Mummy will pick me up early morning to her office together due to her duty tomorrow. I lubb to be in her office cos I like to play with the 'KorKor & JieJie' there... After that, we will go back Clementi to stay at YeYe's house. She promised me that she will do poster-coloring with me... mmm.. I hope she will not break her promise again!.. O_o

I wanna sleep..dun disturb! Zzzzz...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My tests

I had my English test today.. ermm.. not so difficult, at least I know the answers to many questions. Tomorrow is my Maths test and I have practised earlier before Mummy came back home. She was abit late and she bought many things. She bought mi a set of clothes = top & bottom.. beri cute and unique.. especially the pant, I like it! She also bought for Angel and Melody.. all very sweet...^o^

She also bought many breads.. Auntie Judy helped her to buy from Maxwell Market. Mummy lubb to eat them cos all are freshly baked out in the afternoon.. I had 1 Cheese bread when Mummy is cooking her maggie mee.. She didn't had her dinner yet. But she ate alot leh! After finished her noodles, she still had 1 CharSiew bread before she washed her bowl. Fatty Mummy! *hahaha*

Monday, August 18, 2008

A new blogskin created by my Mummy!

Mummy finally free to spend all her time to design a new blogskin for mi! I'm very happy cos she load my fav. cartoon character - Spiderman.. *Yeah!* she came to fetch mi from MaMa's house earlier, had her dinner there..
Today Mummy asked mi a question when we took the cab home. She wanna know if I like her.. if I'm unhappy with her.. I told her I love Mummy but I also angry with her.. I don't like her to scold mi all the time.. She never keep her promise to do poster coloring with mi over the weekends.. She promise not to scare mi but she did it on last Saturday! I was very frightened when she told mi my great-grandpa & grandma will punish mi if I never 'pai-pai' properly.. I didn't sleep well and I cried for awhile.. Naughty Mummy! *hmm!*
I made a lantern with recycled materials by myself.. MaMa also helped alot.. I tell her what I wanna do and she cut and tied for mi.. MaMa very good.. the pic shown is not a complete set yet.. I still have things to add.. wait till I finished then I will take another pic to show you all!
OK.. tomorrow I have test in school, have to sleep early.
Goodnight everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2008

No School Day!

Yeah... last nite i went to MaMa's hse stay overnite cos today no school.. Mummy went to attend her colleague's MIL wake.. so cannot fetch mi.. she wanted Daddy to bring mi back bt he's not free, so tonite im sleeping over again.. Haiz.. never mind, YiYi said she will be coming back for dinner tomorrow nite... i'm so hapi! Yesterday i accidentally burnt one of my finger.. so painful.. although Mummy already applied the toothpaste to soothe my pain.. but still no use! Today Angel MeiMei held my injured finger so tightly till i screamed.. i was angry so i complained to YiYi.. Mummy came to know that and asked mi to leave MeiMei alone.. don't go near her.. sometimes, i really don't like MaMa keep shouting at mi n Mummy keep question mi about so many things.. i only wanna play with her.. *sad* Mummy is not working this Saturday.. i hope she can bring mi to picnic and we can do poster coloring together.. she has not been around for so many weekends.. oh Ya! YeYe is discharged this afternoon and now resting at home.. I shall bring my card games over to play with him this Sunday.. *hee*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Lost my 2 Teeth! :(

Mummy helped me take a picture of my lost teeth.. because I have 2 new teeth growing.. *hahaha* I just changed my blogskin cos I told Mummy that my fav. character is SPIDER MAN.. not SPONGE BOB SQ.PANT! *sigh* Anyway, she managed to find a nice blogskin so I forgive her... Today we intend to go out cos Mummy is not working and she has finished her housework. Now, my house is clean and tidy.. very very nice... But due to heavy rain, we decided to stay at home and watch DVDs.. later we will go over to MaMa's house for dinner and I will sleepover cos Mummy and Daddy have to work early morning.. tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I have no school due to Pri. 6 - PSLE exam.. so I will be at MaMa's house the whole day.. think she will go crazy cos every time she always scream at me and nag,nag,nag... *Zzzzzz* OK.. Mummy have to bath soon otherwise she will be smelly.. shall update again! Have a great weekend! *lalalalalal*
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