Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Bintan Escapade!

There are too many pictures to download.. 1st time took more than 200+ photos.. Gosh! So, I will have to take some time to load all of them... we came back with a burning tan except Brandon... luckily I applied the kids sunscreen lotion.. otherwise Baby gonna be like us.. *shao-zhu*! hahahaha...
This time, beside Norman kor-kor.. he has 2 more Glenn kor-kor and Eric kor-kor... guess due to these 3 big boys thats why my Baby love to hang out with them.. we went swimming yesterday.. lucky there's not much rain.. Uncle Sun was kind to us, gave us sunshine for both days! Baby don't really like the beach but he made it exceptional to us this morning.. he came to join us.. he had a fun time with those kor-kors.. they brought him to see fishes.. and find seashells...
last night, he even had a more wonderful time with them playing the Bingo and Hopscotch... he had so much fun till he tried to find excuse to go to bed at a later timing.. *kekeke*.. in the end, I allowed him to sleep at 11pm (local time) in Bintan... he was so happy.. =D
but he lost his control this aftnoon aft we checkout.. we had a 'snake & ladder' game.. again, always scare of being a loser, he showed us his upset and unhappy frown face when fall behind us.. deep in my heart, I was thinking 'not again'.. Yup! he did it.. i don't like him to start giving me the attitude that he has to be the winner and he don't admit for been rude! i was so disappointed when he said that all of us didn't bother about him!!!
I explained to him that is a very negative thinking and we did play with him.. allow him to sleep late.. i even cooked noodles for him when he said he's hungry.. and yet he has the cheek to get frustrated and complained about me.. his Yi-Yi and frens.. maybe he has taken me for granted or I have pampered him too much.. I need to update here so Baby can read and understand how I feel towards his behaviour today..
although he has apologised to Yi-Yi and promised to behave himself in future.. I really hope he will do a self-reflect on his attitude.. if not, no one will like to play any games with him again. Such incidents have happened too many times...
I love you Baby and Mummy always try my best to give you what I can provide.. but there's a limit to everything..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Sunday @ Sentosa!!!

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