Sunday, October 28, 2007

My New Polo-Tee!

Yeah! Mummy just came back from Bintan.. she bought a white polo-tee for me.. saw my pic? nice? im so happy bcos my Mummy finally found my size this time! she told me she did not buy anything for me from her previous trip at Koh Samui cos she can't find my size.. but she did buy 1 orange polo-tee for Daddy at Sila Evason Hideaway.. *ok only..not as nice as mine*

the day before which is Fri, i went to a Goat Farm with my classmates.. this is arranged by our school and we have so much fun there! we feed the goat grasses and leaves.. we even saw 3 small chicks running around there.. there was a man telling us about the life-cycle of a chicken... so i was curious and listened to that man with big eyes.. he told us the procedures..
1> the chicken go to the first oven
2> the two chickens go to the second oven
3> then they go to painting
4> and we have a small chick coming out of the egg

tomorrow im going to school.. Mummy want me to go to bed right now.. goodnight everyone.. sweet dreams.. *mmuak*

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lonely Brandon :(

Tomorrow my daddy is going to Australia for work and he'll only be back on 30 Oct. My mummy is also away overseas and will only be back tomorrow night. Tomorrow I'm going to sleep at my grandmother's house becos my daddy and mummy will not be in Singapore during the daytime. This is the first time that both daddy and mummy are away. I feel so lonely... *sob sob* :( I'll be a very good boy when my daddy and mummy are away. I hope that my daddy will buy toys for me when he's back. I'll fold aeroplanes for daddy when he's back.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My 1st Letter to MummY!

yesterday our teacher - Ms.Zhu, wan us to write a letter to our mummy... so i wrote to my mummy.. telling het that i like her.. i lubb her.. she is my pretty mummy! she buys many toys for me.. when im sick, she looks after me... she help to clean my room.. neat n tidy.. im so happy.. when i grows up, i will help my mummy to do housework.. so she won't be so tired.

when i grows up, if i buy a car, i will drive my mummy and bring her to a movie show together! my mummy bought me a story book and i like it. my dearest mummy, i lubb u!!!

our teacher brought us to the post office, taught us where to write our home address and post the letter... my mummy was very happy when she got the letter just now. i promise to be a good boy and i wil go to sleep now.

good nite everyone...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Birthday!

Today is the first time my daddy writes my blog for me. I am going to talk abt my birthday.

I like to eat the cake becos the cake have chocolate! When I have my birthday, I give my frens alot of presents. Many ppl also give me presents. The present which I wishes to have most is computer game. I also wish that my daddy will buy me a kite becos I want to play at outside. I like to take photos becos I have alot of 'actions'.

I like to do handicrafts becos I feel very happy. I will give my handicrafts to my frens as birthday presents so that they will be happy too. I like mummy becos she buy birthday cake for me. I love daddy becos he buy for me many presents.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mummy is Back!

my mummy finally came back abit early tonite to help mi with my blog.. naughty mummy always come back home so late.. but im not angry with her.. bcos i lubb my mummy! oh---- and daddy too! i told mummy that when i grow up in future, i will bring her n daddy to watch movie... to the library.. cos mummy lubb to borrow books.. mi too! i oso lubb to go library.. we just went there on last Sun, i borrowed 2 books about dinosaurs... cos our Term 4 main topic is about dinosaurs... i was so hapi... *lahlalal* i like my daddy's picanto green car cos he put many lights in his car.. there are 4 colours=== blue, red, green, yellow.. wow! im so hapi.. *heehee* my daddy will fetch mi back home early for tml cos he promised mi he will play games with mi.. YeaH! i like to draw Power-Rangers Dino-Thunder... i made many paper aeroplanes n mummy keep nagging at mi to keep them away in my room nicely.. but i really cannot find a space for my aeroplanes.. *angry*.. she don't even understand! that day my daddy helped mi made an aeroplane lantern for my school project.. our teachers want us to make a recycled lantern with our own creation.. but my grandpa teared up my lantern thinking that there are 'jewels' inside the plane.. cos it's made from magazine papers.. I'm so so angry.. *hmm*! i think i must go to sleep now.. cos it's 10.25pm.. passed my sleeping time.. wait daddy n mummy nag nag again.. *aiyo*.. gd nite everybody...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Day @ School

today i got full marks for my spelling test! hurray! my mummy so proud of mi.. she even give mi a Big Kiss! *mmuak* i had my 'Gym Kids Lesson' this afternoon.. i get to learn some simple exercise.. then aft i played games with my frens... we played 'tic-tac-toe'..sissors-paper-stone.. wh my mummy said she oso played tt when she was young.. *kekeke* we oso played 'lego' n i made a spaceship & aeroplane!

i lubb to go school bcos i have so much fun wif my frens... =P our year-end concert, i will have 3 performances > 1- 'play kung-fu' / 2- 'dancing under the song >licky-licky-yah-ah-ah' / 3- 'play the role of Liang Shan Po' ... my mummy said this will be my final year, i will graduate fm my Kindergarten n go to Primary One next yr... im so excited n looking forward to my new school - Fengshan Pri Sch. *yeee..*

my mummy just came back fm work.. she helped mi took sm pics of my 'brown bear' wh Mr.Bean always carry wif him when he go out n play.. my Yi-Yi's boyfriend bought this bear for mi when they went Genting last wk.. im very happy!

now, i mus go to sleep cos my mummy said i always get up late for my sch bus.. good-nite everybody..

Monday, October 1, 2007

my 1st Post!

hurraY! my mummy finally created a blog for mi.. though im abit late den many lill frens.. bt i told my mummy its ok.. i was so excited when i saw lill Caleb's blog.. his mummy done it so beautifully.. tts why i insisted my mummy to do one for mi too! heeee... mummy said she has to take sm time to decorate my blog.. so i mus go to sleep first otherwise i cannot wake up early for my sch bus again.. i reai can't wait to see it! boo*** she promised mi to show mi tml aft fetching mi fm my MaMa's hse... i shall be a good boy n go to my dreamland.. nite everyone... *yawn*yawn..
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