Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Boy's Lego Collection

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brandon's Sunday Favourites~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Day of School in 2010

Today is Brandon's last day of school for Primary 3. Hooray! I'm very pleased with his 2nd semester performance this year. Not only he excels in all subjects, he has also shown improvement in his school's values compare to last year. He's going to 4A in 2011. He may faced lots of challenges and difficulties but I believe he will overcomes. I will be at his side to give him my moral support. He has been appointed as a InfoComm Cyber-Bully Wellness Ambassador next year. Getting all excited! ^.^ I don't intend to buy assessment books for him this time cos he never finishes them for past 3 years. I find it's a waste of money and I guess there's more homework and projects in P4.

I'm letting him has all the fun during this school holidays. I am looking forward to our upcoming Cambodia trip. It's the 1st time both of us traveling together without anyone else and it's work-related. We are going for very meaningful trip. Lets hope he will learn to appreciate all that he had in Singapore after that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute boys!

Hooray! Brandon is not selected by the GEP...Pheww... 8 of his classmates also not in the list except Shane, the only boy who gets in GEP. It was amusing and satisfying when I saw Brandon's big round eyes telling me how happy when they learned they flunked their exams. I didn't know they are so united for this time round. All wish to stay in the same class, same school, play and eat together. Shane also share the same thought. He don't wish to leave his friends. Poor kid! I heard from Brandon his parents are very strict with him. Especially academic-wise~ sigh...

Frankly, all these are still innocent young boys and girls. We should let them have all the fun they entitled to and not by depriving them and force them study from all day long. I really pity those kids who have so many extra tuition beside their school remedial lessons.

Brandon's Education

Finally exams are over and Brandon is free to do anything he desire.. hooray! He did well for his final year exams this time. Improves a lot and I'm so proud of him. I feel elated when he told me he is no.2 in his class for Maths paper. Compare his current results with mid-year results, he did put in more efforts. I brought him to Toy R'Us last Friday and bought a Lego set as a reward for him. His generous Yi-Yi bought another Lego set for him too! He was smiling the whole night.. so cute~  So far, Brandon got back his papers for below:

English - 57/70
Chinese - 34/45
Maths - 92/100
Science - 82/100

His Science shoot up from 62 to 82, he deserve a pasta treat and a big big hug from me! Well done son! Though Brandon did well in Fengshan, but I don't know how he fares in GEP school. Recently he took part in this GEP Program and seriously, both of us don't wish to get in to the GEP school.

This is how the GEP Program works:

1.How are pupils identified for the GEP?

Pupils are identified for the GEP based on their performance in the selection tests, which are conducted at the end of Primary 3. Pupils selected for the GEP are those with high intellectual ability and potential.
They join the GEP at Primary 4.

Selection Process
a.In August, Primary 3 pupils in Singapore schools have the opportunity to take the GEP Screening Test, comprising 2 papers: English Language and Mathematics
b.Approximately 4000 pupils are shortlisted to sit the GEP Selection Test in October, comprising 3 papers: English Language, Mathematics and General Ability

Schedule for 2010
a.GEP Screening Test: 27 Aug 2010
b.GEP Selection Test: 19 and 20 Oct 2010
c.Invitation to join GEP: End November 2010
2.How many pupils are admitted into the GEP at Primary 4?

About 500 pupils are admitted into the Programme at Primary 4.

3.How does the curriculum for GEP pupils differ from the national curriculum?
GEP pupils are given an enriched curriculum that is pitched to challenge and stretch them. This enriched curriculum is built on the regular curriculum. The main advantage of the GEP is the differentiated curriculum that offers individualised enrichment and attention to the gifted pupil.

4.Do the GEP pupils sit the same examinations across the 9 GEP centres?
Yes, GEP pupils in all 9 primary GEP centres sit the same tests and assessments which are set specially for them by the GEP teachers. These test their ability in critical and creative thinking rather than just knowledge of content alone. There is also continual assessment based on the pupils’ daily work and assignments.

5.Do the pupils in the primary GEP sit the same examinations as those in the mainstream?
No. Pupils in the primary GEP do not sit the same examinations as pupils in the mainstream. However, at the end of Primary 6, they will sit the same school-based Preliminary Examination as the mainstream pupils, as well as the same Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

6.Will GEP pupils be prepared for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)?
Yes. GEP pupils are prepared for all the national examinations that the pupils in the mainstream take.

7.Can we expect all GEP pupils to be scoring straight A’s in tests and examinations?
There are some GEP pupils who may indeed excel in all subjects. However, some pupils are particularly strong in one or more areas and less so in others. Scoring straight A’s has not been set as their goal for learning. Rather, they are encouraged to improve their personal best. It is important to note that test performance is influenced by the pupil’s interest and motivation in the subject, his/her skills, work habits and ability to perform in the specific subject area. As a group, GEP pupils perform extremely well in the national examinations. However, GEP pupils should not be judged solely on the basis of academic success. What is more important is the overall development of the gifted children.

8.What happens after the primary GEP?
After Primary 6, promotion to the next level of gifted education is based on:

a.performance in the GEP from Primary 4 to 6, including a pass in Social Studies
b.attitude towards work and the enrichment programme
c.performance at the PSLE

I do not wish to see Brandon getting stress up if he has the qualification and we enroll him into the GEP school. He told me yesterday that he can foresee it will not be easy if he goes to GEP school and he don't like St. Hilda's School. He don't like to sing Christian songs and he hates Bible. Most importantly, he don't like that kind of environment and he wants to be with his classmates. It is a double impact to him if we enforce him into a school he does not like and request him to accustom the environment and make new friends all over again. He bound to face lots of pressure from school and home. I hope his Daddy will understand how his son feels when I saw fear in his eyes. Brandon is a smart boy but I don't expect him to be in the best school or get full marks all the time. I want him to enjoy his school days while he can and with full of happy memories rather than 'books and books' only.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FB Scam!

This morning whilst sending Brandon to school, I wanted to share the news with him about a teenager was been hacked to death due to a 'staring' incident. I know we can't prevent and mishaps in future if things are fated to be. But I'm worried after reading the news and I hope he will be tactful when he's outside. In return, he shared his happenings in school with me. His form teacher, Ms.Ho suspected someone abuses the use of Facebook network. He/She created a FB account under the name - Valerie Chong (Brandon's classmate), act as her and proudly announced she loved a boy in class... upload an obscene picture who is the real her in this account. Brandon told me they suspected 2 persons but they must find the evidence first. If they anyhow jump into conclusion, they might accused the wrong person and not able to catch the culprit.

In mind, a 9-year old kid should be enjoying his/her school life... yes..there bound to have qualms between friends or classmates but I never expect these days, kids can resort to such scheming act behaving just like the adults. Can you imagine our children's world has turned into a complicated playground?! I can't believe it! Being a Mummy, a parent, I'm very concerned for my boy! Especially when he's learning new things every day and getting to know the real world... 

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