Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Presents from Daddy & Mummy!

This is my birthday present from my Daddy! It's a 'Lego Machine'.. I have fixed it over the weekends and I showed my Mummy earlier.. she just returned today and she helped me to take these pictures for my blog.. She also promised to update my blog more often..
My Mummy also bought an interesting gift for mi from Mauritius.. She forgotten to take the picture for mi.. tomorrow I will remind her.. *kekeke* she gave mi a glassware which is long & thin with tiny stars n blue sands in the water, I can use the crystal-cut magnifying triangle glass equipment to watch it and when i twist the glassware, it will show mi many different designs... very colourful!'s so difficult to explain here la.. wait till I show u the pictures.. ok.. Mummy wan mi to sleep early because I have school tomorrow.. I have to wake up early.. good night everybody!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Birthday - 7yrs old

My naughty Mummy finally spare some time to update my blog. It has been such a long long time. Last week, she told me that she will teach me how to blog myself but in the end, she forgotten again! My Mummy always like that, always busy and forgetful...

But I still love Mummy cos she do many things for mi. *smile* Although she so busy with her work, she still rushed back to buy goodie-bags for my classmates because it's my birthday today. Mummy arranged them nicely in 2 big bags for mi to bring to school. I even selected 3 special ones for my teachers. (Form Teacher, Mother-Tongue Teacher and Arts Teacher). Mdm. Tong helped mi to distributed them in class but I saw her hiding 2 for herself in her bag. She tried to cover and don't mi see. I told Mummy but she said maybe it's for other people, but I told her 'NO'!

YiYi and Mommy bought so much food for my birthday. MaMa also cooked delicious Green-bean soup for mi. I am so happy. I invited JiuJiu and JiuMu to MaMa's house too! Actually I have 2 more friends from my school but.. I think I gave the wrong unit no. it should be #10-2228 but I wrote #10-2888. So, Mummy said no need to wait and she brought the cake out. It's a nice lovely fruit cake YiYi chose from 'Fei Cui'. This is expensive wor.. Both YiYi and JiuJiu gave me some $$ for my birthday to put into my saving. *Yeah!*

My Daddy also came over but he left after a short while. I will be sleeping at MaMa's house tonight because Mummy flying again. She travel more often lately. I asked her if she can stop working and accompany at home. And she said cannot as she cannot afford many things for mi. Mummy promise she will check out new skin for mi and will change my blogger look at soon as possible.

Oh ya! I have 2 new teeth growing out but the front teeth below haven't fall off. So, Mummy called Mdm. Tong yesterday to get mi a dentist. I went to see the dentist during recess time. I was so scared. I don't feel good so I asked the dentist to pull 1 teeth first. We shall pull the 2nd one next Tue.

Tomorrow I will have my Chinese Test. Hopefully I know how to answer. OK, everybody, Let go to sleep. I am very sleepy now.
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