Monday, September 29, 2008

Melody's Birthday Party on 6th Sept 2008!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nite shot of my Room!

My New Bed...

Is my new bed nice? *hee* I lubb it very very much... it was delivered yesterday morning... Mummy got this bed for mi and below there is another pull-out bed and 3 drawers where I can put my toys and books in it.. *hooray!* She also bought a new pillow and a quilt for mi... all from Ikea wor.. ^o^

We went to visit YeYe this afternoon. He so naughty! Make Mummy and Daddy very angry.. cos when we reached St.Luke, he was pestering NaiNai to buy 1 packet of chips! Because his left leg is swollen, so Mummy told YeYe that he must watch his diet. No more salt or sugar for him at this moment.. but YeYe insisted and make a scene at the lobby.. NaiNai cannot stand anymore, in the end she give in him to him! *sigh* Mummy said YeYe behaved like a small kid and she is unhappy! We only limit about 4-5chips fo YeYe and told NaiNai to keep in her bag. Daddy said the maid will only come on Tuesday. We already bought her necessities for her. Mummy told mi to address her as 'JieJie'..

Tonight I will sleep in my own room.. I really lubb me bed so much.. so comfortable and so beautiful! Goodnite....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

limited edition for CMC!

Yeah! Mummy is back today... she bought mi & Daddy a T-shirt from Club Med Cherating... did you see my new T-shirt? Mummy said this is a limited edition tt Club Med designed specially for Beijing Olympic '080808'...
so she said this is worth-keeping... =D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MC for 2 Days....

Mummy and Daddy very happy that YeYe's operation was so successful... we were relieved that YeYe's kidney is nt affected and he do nt have to go thru any dialysis treatment! Hooray!!! =D i did nt go to school these 2 days because i have fever and flu.. so Mummy bring me to the doc and get 2 days MC for mi.. Mummy told mi to rest more and remember to revise my worksheet for my oncoming exams.. Mummy said it will be very difficult this time!

When we reached home, we saw an insect in my room.. Daddy don't dare to touch, so left with Mummy coming with her 'incredible pesticide' sprayed tt creature to death! OMG!!! it's so disgusting.. i asked Mummy took a pic, did you all see? any idea if its a cockroach or ???? then Aunty Vanes came with her frens to move our sofa to her home. Mummy wanted to throw away cos it's old le and there's no space to keep.. bt Aunty Vanes lubb the sofa cos she always sleep on it whenever she stay overnite at our place.. lots of memories for her wor.. plus my new bed will be delivered on the 27th.. im so happy!

Oh! I wanna thank Aunty Judy.. for giving mi that cute lobster and little mini pig! I ate it and it's YummY!!! I thought the flowers are nice cos Mummy said it's edible, bt Yucks!!! i tried one and puked out straightaway... Naughty Mummy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yeah! Wild Wild Wet So FUN!!!

Yesterday was Melody's bday! She likes to play with mi. I even cut the cake together with her leh.. Aunty Laura said I took many pictures with her and she will pass to Mummy so that she upload them in my blog for mi. *Horray* Today again I have so much fun with Melody and her cousin-Yadon! after we visited YeYe, Mummy bring mi to Downtown East to join Aunty Laura they all at Wild Wild Wet.. Melody so cute, wearing her mini-bikini.. *hahaha* her short seem too big for her.. keep dropping.. Mummy bought 12 donuts for mi and her frens. I chose my fav- Oreo but I didn't have chance to eat it.. cos Melody and Yadon ate it when I came back from my Big Float! *Arghh!* Mummy brought mi all the way up the stairs to try the Slide.. we so excited about it but when the staff measure my height, I'm less than 1.2m so she don't allow mi to play! *Bwahhh* I'm so sad!!! My Mummy, only care about herself... she asked mi to go down and watch her slide... I am really disappointed! Then we decided to try another short slide but again due to my height, I can't play that too! Same goes for the Bicycle Ride in the air.. *crying* Mummy said it's bcos I don't eat that's why I did not grow taller. From now onwards, I shall eat more and I will go there again to play with Mummy all those rides. After all those fun, we went back chalet bathed, rest & relax... =D Aunty Laura's Mummy cooked rice and soup for us.. so Yummy! I finished almost all.. left a little bit.. so full.. then Aunty Ivi and her frens keeping asking Mummy to stay overnight.. I was more then happy cos I like to be with them. *hee* We came back this afternoon and we going to visit YeYe again later. Mummy told mi to encourage YeYe to be strong, must eat so that he can go home soon. I also hope YeYe will recover quickly cos he keep complaining that he's painful. *sad*

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Trip Cancelled!

Today Mummy leave mi under YiYi's care cos she took 2days leave to look after Angel. Jiu-Mu already took 3days and she has so much work to do in her office. YiYi & KorKor played games wit mi and helped mi with my school holiday homework. I was so much looking forward to our Club Med Bintan trip tomorrow but Mummy called this afternoon to inform mi it's CANCELLED! I was not happy and I don't want to talk to her. Bcos she said YeYe now very sick and he did not go for his operation. So, Daddy cannot go and asked both of us to travel ourselves. But Mummy was worried in case something happen to YeYe and we are not here. So, she told mi she will change our trip to another time. *hmm!* I didn't have much fun during this school holiday. Naughty Mummy only bring mi to office. I hanged up Mummy's calls 2 times and she called back to scold mi. She very angry with mi. But I really wanna go Bintan. She said she will bring mi to Melody's chalet tomorrow and I can have lots of fun there! But we must go visit YeYe early morning first.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kara-always OK!!!

today is my last day to Mummy's office cos tomorrow morning Daddy will send mi to MaMa's house. YiYi took 2 days leave to baby-sit Angel and she will look after mi too! Poor YiYi... every time when my parents are busy or JiuJiu they busy, YiYi will be on standby mode to come back home to take care both of us.. Thanks YiYi!...
i m very happy the whole day... Mummy's colleagues helped mi with my homework.. they even played with mi.. i lubb to be there.. i also can do my e-learning online in Mummy's office.. we suppose to visit YeYe aft work.. but Daddy informed Mummy to go the next day since YeYe gona have his operation around 1.30pm! I hope YeYe will recover soon... i also sad seeing him so much in pain...
Mummy has nowhere to go, in then nd, she joined her colleagues for a singing session.. we have a quick dnr and brisk walked to Party World to 'K'! *kekeke* I keep snatching d mic wif Mummy.. i keep disturbing her.. continue to agitate her awhile.. =P.. until she raised her voice at mi! *wahaha* Aunty Judy, a kind lady who is very kind.. accompanied mi the whole day.. take beri gs care of mi too!
OK, i mus oink oink le... beri sleepy.. beri tired.... Zzzzzz....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Yeah! My School Holiday Start now....

Yippie! My school holiday starts now till this Sunday.. Today is a tiring day for mi. I accompanied Mummy & Daddy to YeYe's place early morning, to bring him to change his dressing. Mummy is very worried for YeYe cos I think his leg quite serious. Daddy suppose to go back to work but in the end, he took a day leave to bring us to NUH. YeYe has to be admitted to hospital because his condition is not good! I saw NaiNai cried... because she is so worried for YeYe...
Just now after Mummy off duty, we took the train to SengKang to meet YiYi & Jiu-Mu for dinner... I saw the naughty Angel *hee-hee*... we had our meal @ Sakura... the food is so-so only. =P Then, we went for window-shopping.. when we going back soon, Jiu-Mu gave mi some biscuits.. very nice.. and i snatched Angel's too! She screamed and cried aloud!!! Mummy scolded mi again but my sweet Jiu-Mu never tell mi off.. she get another biscuit for Angel MeiMei... *wahaha*
Mummy said tomorrow we will visit YeYe after her work. Now YeYe at the hospital, so poor thing! I will go and cheer him up... Mummy said I must sayang him more...
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