Monday, November 23, 2009

Short Trip to Bintan!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Weekend with the kids!

We had so much fun today with the kids! It's been so long since we have a family outing. from the day my sis taught Brandon how to cycle, he has not been cycling ever since. So, I told her let's date Wanshan and Angel out together to East Coast Park. We had our meals at MacDonald, the kids played the slides... so happy... =D
After that, we rented 3 bicycles cos lill Angel also liked to cycle wor... *kekeke... Although Brandon learned to cycle within an hour, but he is a smart boy! He really knows how to cycle on two-wheels but I think he is not confident enough. He will easily get panic when there's someone infront of him. He even accidentally hit one of the boy who was walking at the pathway... Baby still tried to push the blame on me..*sigh*... he said I blocked him wor... that's why he will knocked into that boy. Baby has some scratches but he act like a big 'baby'! *LoL...
We cycled for a few rounds only... and the 2 kids had their ice-creams happily.. *Geez... My bro came to fetch us in the evening. We had a filling dinner at the Thai Restaurant in Vivo City. Oh ya! I show you one of the popular Thai dish - Fish! (I forgotten the name).... very very nice... abit spicy and sour.. but i like it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally my wkend wif Baby

I been travelling lately, finally it's my Sat off, so i brought Baby for a swim at Bedok Complex. We have so much fun, Baby was very happy! From his excited expression, I felt guilty for not spending more time with him. He confidently show me his free style... not too bad wor *hehehe... I asked if he learn back-stroke in his last swimming lessons, he shook his head. I tried to teach him but he is too hyper to concentrate,, so I let him be... let him swim any style he likes... I warned him not to hop and jump ard the poolside cos he may hurt himself! Just less than 5mins aft my warning, he knocked his front teeth at the poolside... =P Gosh! He used both hands covered his mouth and cried loudly! It must be very painful for him as he cried for a long time. One of his front teeth was pushed forward and his gum was torn.. blood oozed out... I pushed it back and he feel the teeth coming off! *sigh... i took a long time to coax him... explained to him that his teeth will grow bk again due to the current one is just Baby teeth. Everyone will go through the same procedure at different stage of their life. Our swimming ended earlier cos he cried non-stop... I asked if he like to go Pizza Hut or MacDonald. His fav is Hawaiian Pizza so of cos he chose PIZAA HUT! Initially he was worried if he will feel more painful if he bites the pizza but I told him, his gum will not heal and his teeth will not grow if he don't eat! *wahahaah.. Anyway, my son is just pretending... He ordered so much > Mushroom Soup + Pan Pizza + KidsMeal-Spaghetti and I just ordered a 6-pieces sweet n spicy drumlets... we chat, we laff, we joke... its was a wonderful afternoon with my dear Brandon!
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