Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trip to Tintin Shop and Udders!

Daddy brought me to a surprise trip down to Tintin shop today after my tuition.  He drove me to Chinatown and doesnt want to tell me where we were going.  I was abit annoyed at one point until I suddenly saw the big signboard ~ TINTIN SHOP!!!!! Hippeee!!!!

There were so many things on display in the shop, ranging from soft toys, posters, books, postcards, keychains, t-shirts, etc and many many more.  Daddy choose and bought me a Tintin t-shirt and a grid-scatch book.

Next stop: Udders Ice Cream! Another surprise for me from Daddy. Hahaha... We ordered the Chocolate Kit Kat and Vanilla favours.. Yummy!!!! Trust me, the ice cream here is MUST TRY!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


A picture of me that Daddy took:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Phineas & Ferb 'Meet and Greet'

Today Daddy brought me to Esplanade Xchange for the first ever Phineas & Ferb 'Meet and Greet' session in Singapore. I was so excited and it was AWESOME to see them in real life!

We arrived 2hrs earlier to have lunch at Suntec City and still reached the event venue 1hrs before time. We walked around the mall and saw staffs from Disney Channel distributing flyers and promoting the event. We proceed to the counter to redeem our goodies bag.

There's even a 'tattoo' counter where we could have the characters tattoo pasted on our hand. I choose Perry because he is an awesome secret agent!

The queue line for the session started 30mins in advance and we joined in so that we get a front close up view of Phineas & Ferb. The MC entertained us with jokes and quizzes while we waited anxiously for the stars to show up.

Finally the stars of the day showed up and I have the opportunity to shake hands with both of them. I even did a 'hi5' with Phineas!

Items in the goodies bag consist of an exclusive Phineas & Ferb cap, a special extendable mini water bottle and a cartoon tattoos card.

This is definitely one of the best outing I ever had :)AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Geronimo Stilton Special Edition: The Amazing Voyage: The Third Adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy

The 3rd Geronimo Stilton Special Edition: "The Amazing Voyage" is out!!!
Daddy bought me this newly released book at Popular today and it comes with a free lanyard!!! Whooho!!!
In this 320-page, full-color hardcover adventure, Geronimo returns to the Kingdom of Fantasy when he learns that the Queen of the Fairies is in danger. Geronimo explores fantastical new lands and travels on a magical talking ship. Can Geronimo extinguish a threatening volcano in time to restore peace to the Kingdom of Fantasy? He is put to the test on this extraordinary quest!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Istana Open House

Today is Hari Raya Puasa and is a Public Holiday. Daddy brought me to the Istana as it's open to public. We hope to catch a glimpse of President SR Nathan (since it's his last Open House as he'll be handing over the Head of State to Dr Tony Tan on 1 Sep 2011).

The Istana is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Singapore.  It occupies over 40 hectares of land along Orchard Road.  It is a precious and important part of Singapore's history and heritage, and has borne witness to Singapore's many historical milestones.

The Istana building was built by the British Colonial government to house its governors.  Completed in 1869, it was then known as the Government House.  The building was handed over to the Singapore Government when Singapore attained self government in 1959, and renamed Istana (“Palace” in Malay).

The Istana building underwent extensive renovation between 1996 and 1998, to add more space and modern day conveniences.  The building today has six function rooms used for ceremonies and to receive guests.

Had lunch at Subway, Plaza Singapore (my 1st Subway!!!) 

Long queue till Plaza Singapore (and beyond)

Still queueing

... and queueing

Finally reached the inside of the Istana compound

The compund is very big with lots of people (visitors), big gardens, greeneries and ponds

Wild Life Reserves Singapore even brought this pony to entertain the visitors

Finally reached the main building after a long walk

Tired... taking a rest at President's golf course :)

Happy tour... there are still many people going in when we left

The Istana grounds are open to the public five times a year in celebration of Chinese New Year; Deepavali; Hari Raya Puasa; Labour Day; and National Day.  The Istana Open House is scheduled to be held on the following dates in 2011:

4 February 2011, Friday (to celebrate Chinese New Year);
1 May 2011, Sunday (to celebrate Labour Day);
7 August 2011, Sunday (to celebrate National Day);
30 August 2011, Tuesday (to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa); and
26 October 2011, Wednesday (to celebrate Deepavali)
Admission to the Istana grounds is free for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents. Other visitors are required to pay an entrance fee of $1 per person. Entrance to the grounds is via the main gate at Orchard Road. Opening hours are usually from 8.30am to 6.00pm.

There will be a variety of performances on the grounds during the Open House.  For an entrance fee of $2, visitors could tour selected function rooms in the Istana building and view a special display of gifts presented to the President and the Prime Minister.

Istana souvenirs are also sold at the Open House. All proceeds from the sale of the souvenirs and the entrance fees collected go to the Community Chest.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to Angel

Ooh-la-la! MeiMei Angel is 4 years old today.

We were back again at Jiu-Jiu's house to celebrate her birthday.

Jiu-Mu specially ordered a Thomas-the-Train's birthday cake for Angel. MeiMei was so excited and she can't want to open up all her presents.

Mummy, Yi-Yi and Kor-Kor went shopping with Angel to let choose her preferred presents. She went crazy when she stepped into Toy'a Rus. She requested for a Dora's laptop but for no reason, HandyMan's lappy is the chosen one in the end. They got her a Drawing Stand too with magnetic alphabets for learning.

I played games with MeiMei in her parents' room and we had a fun night together.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday to Brandon

That's how Brandon feels today!

Everyone came to JiuJiu's house to celebrate his 10th birthday. MaMa in-charge of packaging the main course etc. fried bee hoon; fried rice, side dishes, chicken wings.. Jiu-Mu in-charge of cupcakes, finger foods and drinks..whereas YiYi bought his favorite Oreo-Cheese Cake and Daddy sponsored the pizza-hut delivery.... Woo~

Oh! many presents... Da-Yao JiuJiu even got him a Sony headset... Wow~ he's lucky boy with so many people loving him and celebrating this special day with my boy~

It's his happiest moment....

Looking forward to many blessed day like today.
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