Friday, August 13, 2010

USNW Result - Science

Wow-Wow! My boy did a Great Job in his USNW Science exam and he scored 21/30. His score was in the top 3% of Primary 3 participants in Singapore. Brandon's class, 37 out of 42 students get a 'participation certificate'. Shane is the top student in class and scored a High Distinction. Which means his score was in 1% of Primary 3 students in Singapore.

I truly impressed and proud of Brandon! Gotta oink now.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Decent Meal becomes Indecent!

Good intention to cook a meal for Brandon.. but...huh...
Look at my 'chao-ta' hot-dogs...sob-sob~
A rare chance for me to laze at home... thanks to our 'National Day'... I'm able to do so and so much wanted to cook a decent meal for Brandon. Already woke up so late at 11plus.. he had brunch for breakfast. I thought it's easy to make a light simple meal for his late lunch..but... OMG! My sausages look very appealing the first five mins, I just turned to wash few dishes and came back to find them all burnt into 'black patches'! Brandon was disgusted and told me bluntly he will not eat any of those even if I cut away those burnt skins. Arghhh!!!

Even the porridge doesn't interest him at all. He only love the small meat chunks that I cooked shortly after and he only ate those. In the end, I finished the tasteless porridge and burnt hot-dogs all by myself. sigh~~~ I asked for it.. I should stick to my delivery call.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sri finally on her way Home!

 This was the last time Sri cooked for us.... we will miss her
 Sending Sri to the airport, treat her to PizzaHut before she check-in
 Brandon will never pose a pic seriously... Arghhh! 
We are lucky to have Sri to help us and cook for us 
 Everyone enjoing the food... my boy has his pasta again!
It's time to bid goodbye... lots of hugs and waving
My MIL looks so sad, can't bear to see Sri leave~ 
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