Monday, February 28, 2011

Cartoon Camp for my boy~

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Like Father Like Son

I happened to scroll thru some of my photo albums and found this picture really nicey! They made a handsome pair, don't they? Both seem so carefree and joyful.... I feel good whenever I see them playing and having fun together. I feel content and at ease... especially when things getting better... and we move on... I am also glad his Daddy is getting more active in this blog lately...  I believe you can tell who's the writer for each post we uploaded. I am more into traveling, school work and behaviour whereas Daddy is more involved in his son's liking..mmm..I should interest... etc. comics..movies..outings...expeditions.. ya.. all about the 'guys things' Man!

It is definitely good for Brandon to share his interest with his father and getting involved together is another effort put in... I appreciate that sweet thought... sincerely deep in my heart... Okay... its time for work...another busy-busy Thursday...'ciao~ciao'

He's a Cutie but Playful Boy

To be precise, my boy is 9years 7months now. As usual, he's cheeky and up to his mischief again. This pic was taken the week before whilst he's playing with my shawl at my MIL's house. He look so adorable and I can't resist not capturing his lovey moment. *smiling...

He also get on my nerves sometimes. He will make up a story to camouflage his mistake. By doing so, he learn to tell more white lies and the situation became complicated and he lost it. And we parents start to get angry. Of cos, every parent has his/her own way of discipline. I don't believe in caning but there's a need to when my boy really really go over his limit. Take this morning case, I told him I spot-checked his schoolbag last night. I was not surprised to find many rubbish folded papers, storybooks, notes and worksheets not in order and not filed... But what shocked me was a loaf of bread with fungal kept in his front compartment! He has no idea how long it has been kept there too. He lied to me about his Chinese Spelling. There's some discrepancy in his story which leave me in doubts. I will reconfirm with his teacher. I've warned him on Tuesday I will be doing a spot-check these few days. Please ensure his schoolbag is clean and tidy.

He's a big boy, I want him to be responsible for his own things. I told him earlier, chances are given to him but he never cherish. Tonight, he will receive his punishment as promised. Is he afraid? Mmm..I don't think so based from our morning conversation we had whilst walking to school. Kids after all still kids... Discipline is a MUST but must guide him the right way. Brandon is a smart and good boy. With right guidance, he will be great man when he grows up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing Race Season 18 is back!!!


The Amazing Race is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning adventure reality series hosted by Emmy-nominated host, Phil Keoghan, which pits teams, of two, against each other on a trek around the world. At every destination, each team will have to compete in a series of challenges, some mental and some physical, and only when the tasks are completed will they learn of their next location. Teams who are the farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning $1 million.

Phil Keoghan

The Amazing Race 18 is the eighteenth installment of the reality television show. The Amazing Race 18 will feature eleven teams of two — each returning from a previous edition — in a race around the world for a $1 million prize. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. It will also be the first American season of The Amazing Race to be filmed and broadcast in high-definition.

Filming started on November 20, 2010 at the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm near Palm Springs, California where the first task had teams sorting through hundreds of paper airplanes to find one that said "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services", the full name of Qantas Airways, awarding them one of two flights to their first destination: Sydney, Australia. Teams were spotted at Oceanworld in Manly near Sydney, Australia around November 22, 2010 and a day later around the mining town of Broken Hill, New South Wales in the Australian Outback. Other locales cited as destinations are Yokohama, Japan, where teams swam in freezing waters near Mount Fuji, and the series' first visit to Liechtenstein, where a task had teams measure the length of the principality on mopeds. Teams also visited Lijiang and Kunming, People's Republic of China; Kolkata and Varanasi, India; Vienna, Austria; Zermatt, Switzerland; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Express Pass, introduced in the previous series, will return, allowing the team that places first in the first leg to skip any later task in the race. Additionally, the last team to arrive on the non-elimination first leg will be forced to complete a U-Turn in the next leg, performing both tasks of the leg's Detour.

The 18th season of The Amazing Race has been subtitled "Unfinished Business", and will feature eleven returning teams from previous seasons for a second chance to win the million dollar prize. Keoghan described all the teams as "came so close to winning but for one reason or another just didn't quite make it over the finish line in first place". Keoghan gave examples of two teams: Zev and Justin from Season 15, who though had finished first on a leg, had lost their passport too late to continue racing; and LaKisha and Jen from Season 12, where they took an unfortunately-timed restroom break while racing to the Pit Stop and were eliminated. The prior experience of all the teams in previous seasons allowed the producers to increase the difficulty of the various tasks and challenges they were to face. All of the teams have been from recent seasons of the Race; the earliest season represented is the 12th. According to Bertram Van Munster, they stayed with more recent teams as "if we're digging too far back, people might not even remember who they were". The 14th season is represented by five of the eleven teams; Van Munster called this particular version of the race "a very unique season" and justified its larger proportion of teams. Though they had considered fan-favorites Toni and Dallas from the 13th season, Keoghan stated they felt the other selected teams "have the best stories and the best motivation" for casting.

The returning teams (and their prior race placements) are:

From Season 12:

Ronald & Christina Hsu, father & daughter, 2nd place

Kent Kaliber & Vyxsin Fiala, dating goths, 5th place

Margie & Luke Adams, mother & son, 3rd place

Amanda Blackledge & Kris Klicka, engaged (dating in Season 14), 8th place

Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal, former NFL cheerleaders, 2nd place

LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman, sisters, 4th place

Mel & Mike White, father & son, 6th place

From Season 15:

Zev Glassenberg & Justin Kanew, best friends, 9th place

Herb "Flight Time" Lang & Nate "Big Easy" Lofton, Harlem Globetrotters, 4th place

From Season 16:

Jet & Cord McCoy, brothers & cowboys, 2nd place

From Season 17:

Gary & Mallory Ervin, father & daughter, 6th place

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Upcoming screenings of Brandon's favourate movies

Upcoming movies in 2011 which Brandon will like:

Diary of Wimpy Kid 2

Cars 2

Kung Fu Panda 2

Transformers 3

COCO Magazine

Brandon wanted this magazine. Hope he'll like it, esp now that he's sick ;)


Brandon the Sick Worm

Brandon was sick for 2 days and today he's back to school finally. Must be due to all the CNY goodies.. My 10-years old boy is getting more vain. Early morning, he wore a sweater with hoodie over his school uniform. He thinks he looks cool in this dressing. ~faints... But I love to see him chubby chubby.. He look so cute and loving when I look at his big round face.. my friend ever commented Brandon's head look like a 'Big Fishball'! Lolx...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Visit to Bedok NEWater Visitor Centre


Daddy promised me to bring me to NEWater Plant to learn more about the NEWater system in Singapore.  So here we were, visiting the cool Bedok NEWater Visitor Centre on a hot Sat afternoon.

Do you know that Singaporean uses up to about 670 Olympic size swimming pools worth of water daily?

Do you know that Singapore currently have 4 water sources?
a) Local Catchments (reservoirs)
b) Imported Water (from Malaysia)
c) NEWater (from recycled water)
d) Desalination Plants (sea water)

I learnt that currently, most of the NEWater produced are supplied to industrial use.  Only about 1% of the NEWater are injected into our reservoirs to mix with the rainwater for our consumption.

By 2061, our water agreements with Malaysia on water supply will cease and Singapore aims to increase the NEWater supply into our consumption by 50%.  Together with the other 2 water sources, we will be able to be self-sufficient in water supply.  Horray!!!

Most people are very worried about drinking NEWater as some called it 'shit-water'.  I have my fair share of fear too.  But after visiting the NEWater plant and with the clear explainations by our Tour Guide - Uncle Martin and Sis Eunice, I'm confident that NEWater is safe to drink.  They even gave us 2 free bottles!  I took a sip and hmmmm... it taste like normal drinking water.  You cant tell the difference!

During the tour, we are also given an activity worksheet to understand all the facts about NEWater. But what I'm more concerned with the stickers that are accompanied together with the worksheet. Hahahah :)

A huge gallery

Informative displays

Interactive screens and games

Beautiful water platform

Uncle Martin having fun with us

Uncle Martin explaining the technology of NEWater

The NEWater factory is just behind the glass panels

Garden and fountain at the Visitor Centre

At main entrance of the Visitor Centre

It was a very enriching tour at the NEWater plant.  I'm very happy to learn new things about the NEWater system and its technology.  Most important of all, we must all learn to appreciate the precious of water that we have.  WATER FOR LIFE!!!


For more information on NEWater and its visitor centre, visit NEWater
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