Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st Day of the WeeK!

Today one of my classmate cried cos he and his brother are separated in two different classes. He ask Mdm. Tong if his brother can stay together with him but she said cannot.. I told my Mummy I wanted to console him.. so I approached him and asked if i can play with him but he answer NO! Then i asked if I can be his friend but he told mi CANNOT!! Although I'm abit unhappy, but Mummy said bcos he is not in a good mood so he don't want to be my friend. I shall wait for another day when he is in better mood.. I didn't mentioned his name bcos I forgotten liao.. *hahaha*.. Ok tomorrow I will tell you all OK.. good night... =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My New PE Teacher...

Today we have a NEW PE teacher named- Mr. Yeo. He brought us to the football field and teach us a new game. But I don't know what is the name of the game. There are many different lines with different colours on the field, and we have to be careful not to step on them. When Mr. Yeo asked us to move/walk/act like etc. 'Elephant'/ 'Crab'/ 'Motorbike'/ 'Car'/ 'Lorry', we cannot step on any of the red and yellow lines. If we accidently stepped any of the lines, we will be disqualified and we cannot play the game anymore. Me and my friends like the game so much! Our English teacher- Mrs. Tong, taught us about 'He' and 'She' this afternoon. She even prepared us a worksheet to learn about 'and'.. I told my Mummy all these are so easy but my Daddy pointed out my mistake. I created a sentence ' I have many toys and many storybooks' but Daddy corrected me that it should 'I have many toys and storybooks.' So, I learnt my lesson and I find it's abit difficult. I really love to go to school and all my friends are so friendly. Now, I have six friends and their names are Shane Ong/ Joey/ Chong Ming Jian/ and..huh..huh.. I forgot again! My Mummy laughed at me again.. *aiyo*.. I have to go to bed now cos Mummy and Daddy have to be in office very early tomorrow. Goodnight everyone... mmuak... sweet dreams! =D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My New School-Fengshan Pri

Yes! this is my Fengshan Pri which i attend everyday.. although it's only just 1 bus-stop away but my Mummy is worried for Ma-Ma in case if it rains.. cos she still have to look after Angel and it will be tiring for her to rush here and there.. that why, my Mummy booked the BIG school-bus for me this whole year 2008... Mdm.Neo will pick me up and drop-off me at Blk 105 daily.... im so excited to go to school everyday.. cos i have so many friends there.. the teachers are not fierce too.. but my Mummy said if i did anything wrong in school, then the teachers will be angry with me and they will punish me accordingly..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Our New Hair-Cut!

my mummy was so busy for the last 2months n only wait till now then she update my blog.. *aiyo*... we just had our new haircut last weekend... im handsome n Kool right?! *yeah!!* actually i wanted to cut my front like a 'V' shape but mummy said CANNOT cos my school disallow 'funny' hair style... so in the end, Denise (my stylist) has cut short my hair but still maintained my previous hair style and she is so sweet to me~~~ i saw my mummy colour her hair and i wanted so much to be the same like her.. she put 3 colours for me and i can easily wash them off when i bath.. im so happy!
tonight im staying overnight at my MAMA's house cos im too tired... before my Daddy came im almost in my dreamland.. so i didn't go home.. i started my new school since last Wednesday.. 1st day of my school.. im so scared and i heard from mummy and daddy that the teachers are fierce.. im so worried.. but luckily my 2 teachers are nice and friendly.. i get to know my 1st friend in school on that day.. his name is Shane Ong... he lives nearby me and he is taking the same school bus with me.. then i had another 2 more friends in my class... but i forgotten their names.. maybe i will tell mummy tomorrow.. *heehee* its very late and i will tell you all more when mummy has time to update for me.. goodnight everyone!
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