Tuesday, August 25, 2009

latest updates

Lately, too many happenings and I do not know how Brandon take it in his lill world... sometimes kids do not express much of their true self in front of adults... I hope he will not too affected by his YeYe's sudden death! Although he didn't cry or show me that he is feeling sad... but I believe he do have some feelings for his YeYe.. my FIL dote him so much... At least Baby makes my day these few days. He cracked many silly jokes to me... his actions look silly and lame to me.. i find him amusing most of the time. Those are the moments that he makes me laugh.. like early morning, I heard him singing to himself while he's taking his shower... when I made the pratas for his tea-time and supper, he compliment me that the pratas taste great! He lubb it and he ate so many. I'm so happy to see him enjoying his food... when he encouraged me to play Sudoku from his DS Lite.. he said that I'm AWESOME cos I managed to score high marks.. and my speed like a 'Jet'! We talk craps.. we act silly and we cuddle together in bed.. hugging each other to sleep... these are the moments that is memorable and sweet.... My baby saw me cried that day when my FIL passed away in the morning.. he made a card on my behalf to my FIL telling him I lubb him so much.. in his innocent kiddie world, he helped me to express freely how I feel.. his action may look silly but I appreciate what he has done and that is really really so sweet of him! Thank you my cheeky Baby... Mummy is happy that you are so caring... I give you a big kiss! *mmuak

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Angel's 2Yrs Old Bday!

Today we celebrated Angel's birthday... she is 2yrs old now... healthy, smart, active, energetic, strong, cheerful and cute lill monster of Yeu's family! She is very happy and both my bro and Shan are so proud of her bright lill princess...
Look at Brandon hugging Angel! i know he fight alot with Angel and I also know he tend to get jealous of her easily... elder kids will have such thoughts in mind especially when the family members show more attention and care on the younger ones... i feel so bad and sad when my bro is so upset with Brandon's actions towards Angel and i fully understand his feeling as a parent.. a Daddy.. cos he also wanna protect his baby... same goes for mi.. YES! Brandon made many mistakes and many warnings been given... after all, many kids are like that and no one is perfect in this world! i can only do my best by checking on him.. make sure that he do not bully Meimei or do any nasty things to her..
I did remind and warn Brandon many many times always be careful when he's with Angel.. always be a good big bro to Meimei and learn to care for her.. learn to share with her... i hope everyone will give him a chance and some time to change for the better.. i trust my Baby also do not want himself to be out-cast or disliked by everyone...
It's part and parcel of life... we must learn to accept and forgive whenever we can.. i will discipline him if he is in the wrong... but before i take any action on him, i must not jump to conclusion and assume that he is the trouble-maker... i have to be fair to him too! no one is born to be a bad guy unless he has been taught or learnt from somewhere...
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