Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY in Malaysia 2009!

I was in Malaysia wif Mummy n family to attend Great-Grandma's 80th bday.. I have lots of fun there.. I saw many of Mummy's uncles and aunties.. lucky Mummy brought her laptop cos Daddy saved many movies for me to watch. He is worried that I will be bored. Although I am having my holidays in Perak, I still have to do my assessment books and study for my exams.

Mummy so kiasu== brought my Maths and English assessment + many last yr exam papers... she wish I will excel in my studies.. especially when Im in the top class, she is more stress than me. Gosh! sometimes, I hope she will give me a break===

Daddy text me that he has bought the other 2 season of Wimpy Kid! this is my latest fav reading book!.. tt boy- Geoffrey is so funny and cute... Mummy lubb to read this book too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the upset MummY!

It's been a long time since I update Brandon's blogger. I just changed his skin again. I just feel that it's not the 'rite' one yet. I'm still searching leh..hopefully can create a colorful one for him. Lately, his behaviour getting from bad to worse. I can't control my temper anymore and I told him off not in a nice way. I don't mean to. Many times, I tried to use the 'lubb & care' method but NO USE! he likes to test my patience. Same goes for his Daddy! He totally lost his temper and shouted at him. Kids nowadays are so difficult to teach and handle. They will give you all sort of excuses to cover their mistakes. They will try to reason with you in every way just to make sure the fault will falls back on us instead of themselves. Brandon is sick of my lectures and nagging. I am also SICK of it!!! I like to have some peace at home bcos that is the only place I like to rest and relax when I'm back from work.. from a stressful day! How I wish my Baby will understand how I feel rite now..
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