Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to Angel

Ooh-la-la! MeiMei Angel is 4 years old today.

We were back again at Jiu-Jiu's house to celebrate her birthday.

Jiu-Mu specially ordered a Thomas-the-Train's birthday cake for Angel. MeiMei was so excited and she can't want to open up all her presents.

Mummy, Yi-Yi and Kor-Kor went shopping with Angel to let choose her preferred presents. She went crazy when she stepped into Toy'a Rus. She requested for a Dora's laptop but for no reason, HandyMan's lappy is the chosen one in the end. They got her a Drawing Stand too with magnetic alphabets for learning.

I played games with MeiMei in her parents' room and we had a fun night together.


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