Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My 1st Letter to MummY!

yesterday our teacher - Ms.Zhu, wan us to write a letter to our mummy... so i wrote to my mummy.. telling het that i like her.. i lubb her.. she is my pretty mummy! she buys many toys for me.. when im sick, she looks after me... she help to clean my room.. neat n tidy.. im so happy.. when i grows up, i will help my mummy to do housework.. so she won't be so tired.

when i grows up, if i buy a car, i will drive my mummy and bring her to a movie show together! my mummy bought me a story book and i like it. my dearest mummy, i lubb u!!!

our teacher brought us to the post office, taught us where to write our home address and post the letter... my mummy was very happy when she got the letter just now. i promise to be a good boy and i wil go to sleep now.

good nite everyone...


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