Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Presents from Daddy & Mummy!

This is my birthday present from my Daddy! It's a 'Lego Machine'.. I have fixed it over the weekends and I showed my Mummy earlier.. she just returned today and she helped me to take these pictures for my blog.. She also promised to update my blog more often..
My Mummy also bought an interesting gift for mi from Mauritius.. She forgotten to take the picture for mi.. tomorrow I will remind her.. *kekeke* she gave mi a glassware which is long & thin with tiny stars n blue sands in the water, I can use the crystal-cut magnifying triangle glass equipment to watch it and when i twist the glassware, it will show mi many different designs... very colourful!'s so difficult to explain here la.. wait till I show u the pictures.. ok.. Mummy wan mi to sleep early because I have school tomorrow.. I have to wake up early.. good night everybody!


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