Sunday, September 28, 2008

My New Bed...

Is my new bed nice? *hee* I lubb it very very much... it was delivered yesterday morning... Mummy got this bed for mi and below there is another pull-out bed and 3 drawers where I can put my toys and books in it.. *hooray!* She also bought a new pillow and a quilt for mi... all from Ikea wor.. ^o^

We went to visit YeYe this afternoon. He so naughty! Make Mummy and Daddy very angry.. cos when we reached St.Luke, he was pestering NaiNai to buy 1 packet of chips! Because his left leg is swollen, so Mummy told YeYe that he must watch his diet. No more salt or sugar for him at this moment.. but YeYe insisted and make a scene at the lobby.. NaiNai cannot stand anymore, in the end she give in him to him! *sigh* Mummy said YeYe behaved like a small kid and she is unhappy! We only limit about 4-5chips fo YeYe and told NaiNai to keep in her bag. Daddy said the maid will only come on Tuesday. We already bought her necessities for her. Mummy told mi to address her as 'JieJie'..

Tonight I will sleep in my own room.. I really lubb me bed so much.. so comfortable and so beautiful! Goodnite....


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