Tuesday, October 28, 2008

those were the days

Look how my boy has grown up! Above pics were taken last year when we went to Phuket for our holidays. I must admit that he so cute and adorable that I cannot resist myself to pinch his face whenever I see him. *kekeke* Ya-Ya.. no matter how lovable my Baby is, he do has his mischievous naughty moments. @ times he will get on my nerves till I flare up and I will shout at him harshly! Although I feel more heart-pain than him after that but what's done cannot be undone. He's so much like his Daddy, another stubborn and short-tempered boy! Now, I came to realise that the role of 'parent' is not an easy task. In order to provide my boy with a better environment and good education, I have to work extra hard for a higher salary. Not only that, I always have to be tactful with my language, my actions, ,my behaviour to set a good example for him! I must give him all my care,attention and lubb so that he don't feel unbalance! But, frankly, it's always easy to say than to be done! Things don't fall into place like what we want to be most of the time. Brandon is a highly sensitive and sensible boy! This is another reason why I have difficulty teaching him or explaining to him whenever he is unhappy about something. He has his own unique thinking and partly it's my fault that I have created him into a 'child-adult'! I really regret so much!!! *Sigh* I did not give him a childhood that he suppose to have... He should be like his classmates, who are not worry about anything and happy-go-lucky every day. Instead, I make Brandon stand one corner to reflect whenever he did something wrong. Think I stress him too much... What a Mummy, rite?!


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