Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prive Giving Day

today is my Prize-Giving Day! Yippe! Mummy and Daddy came to attend this event because i get full marks for my Maths in the Mid-Year & Final-Year. There are 3 more students who received the same award too. =D Mdm. Tong told Mummy that I did slack slightly in my Final-Year Exams due to my English Composition. but its so difficult ma... hmm! overall, im very happy with my results. Mummy and daddy did praise mi but they said it will not be that easy for mi next year in Pri. 2 wor. Ma-Ma is very proud of mi! *hehehehe* Mid Year Result - 99.2/100% Positiona in P1C - 1/35 Year End Result - 95.5/100% Position in P1C - 4/35 Position in P1 Level - 11/299 Mummy emphasised to mi that next year, i will be transfer to P2A where all the top students are in this class. i reali have to work extra hard and fully concentrate my studies in order to compete with them. Mummy also worried that i will feel more pressure this time and afraid that i may lose my interest in my studies in a way. She always nag and nag so many times until i can remember everything she said. i know its for my own good but sometimes Mummy very long-winded.


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