Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY in Malaysia 2009!

I was in Malaysia wif Mummy n family to attend Great-Grandma's 80th bday.. I have lots of fun there.. I saw many of Mummy's uncles and aunties.. lucky Mummy brought her laptop cos Daddy saved many movies for me to watch. He is worried that I will be bored. Although I am having my holidays in Perak, I still have to do my assessment books and study for my exams.

Mummy so kiasu== brought my Maths and English assessment + many last yr exam papers... she wish I will excel in my studies.. especially when Im in the top class, she is more stress than me. Gosh! sometimes, I hope she will give me a break===

Daddy text me that he has bought the other 2 season of Wimpy Kid! this is my latest fav reading book!.. tt boy- Geoffrey is so funny and cute... Mummy lubb to read this book too!


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