Friday, March 20, 2009

A Date with my Baby!

I have a date with my Baby yesterday! I took a day leave just to spend my whole day with him during his March school holidays... I am busy the whole week, so we are not travelling this time. But I have booked a Bintan short trip with him next early April. He will be so thrilled! We have so much fun yesterday... have our MacDonald lunch @ Downtown East... then after, we took a train ride to Suntec City... had a chilled Mango icecream with him.. then we booked our movie tickets @ Eng Wah... - 'Hotel for Dogs!'... *Fantastic!* We both enjoyed the show... touching.. funny... very meaningful... Lesson learnt >> never give up... never abandon anyone that we lubb... even if we cant afford it! I had a wonderful time with my Baby!!!


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