Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unexpected Sickly Weekend!

Hee... anyone with drooling saliva after seeing my above cooking??? Im so happy cos this is my 2nd weekend cooking at my PIL's house. Im quite proud of myself that this time, the food taste more delicious than last week. I really put in lot of efforts preparing this meal for them. Brandon was such a good boy. He helped me to cut the susages into slices. That's all... cos the rest will be in my good hands... *hahaha* Im lucky to have Sri, my capable assistant with me. She is always there to help me prepare those ingrediemts and Im the one who do all the cooking. I can see she enjoy cooking with me in the kictchen. =D
When everything is ready, I get a bowl of fried rice for my FIL. He tried and he said it's nice... I think many of them like my prawns cos they are sweet and tasty. Even Brandon also lubb it so much! He finished his lunch by himself without my help. That's a good sign! Maybe I should bother to cook more often. Unfortunately, Brandon spoiled my 2nd half day mood the moment we reached Sentosa. We were to meet my sister and her frens at Siloso Beach for rest & relax... he suppose to go toilet before we leave the house and he didn't do so. When we reached our destination, he then informed me that he cannot hold his baldder anymore and it's gonna burst anytime! The worst is we can't find any toilet nearby. Im so angry bcos I didn't bring any spare clothes for him and I hate to have such a bad begining during my outing. He worsen my day by wetting on me too! Gosh! Do you know how mad I AM!!! I almost go crazy and I feel like strangling him. We managed to find a toilet in the end but everything is too LATE! I just threw his underwear away and cleaned up his pant with wet tissue.. feel so shitty! When we almost done and met up Rain's frens, the rain CAME! *Ahhhhhh* Today is totally a SUAY-SUAY day!!! Lessons learnt>> 1) Never ever bring Brandon out without a spare full-set clothing 2) Never ever bring Brandon out if I have any BAD hunch 3) Never ever bring Brandon out when the weather doesn't look good! 4) Never ever bring Brandon out when he is SICK! That's all for today. Whatever that was said here, mentioned and to be reminded here.. Brandon already knew bcos HE JUST READ IT! He said - 'Hey! Mummy!'


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