Monday, March 23, 2009

Yummy! Today Sri cooked Nasi Lemak... so delicious.. my FIl told me she cooked this recipe very well and I have never tried before. So, I requested her to cook today... very nice~~~ Brandon finished the whole plate wor... =D
Yesterday, he was with me at my office.. then after, we had a filling dinner at Sushi Tei.. I bought some fav snacks that Brandon likes.. and a 'Hopscotch' game for our oncoming Bintan trip. Daddy was in a good mood. He bought a toy for him at Toys"R"Us... Baby was so happy! Guess what?! I thought his Daddy will help him to fix the toy model when we reached my PIL's house. In the end, he fell asleep, and I'm the one who helped Baby to fix everything.. and mind you.. both my hands were painful after that! *Ouch!*


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