Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mid-Year Results

Yippie! Baby finally hving his school holidays. We went to collect his report book on Thursday and his form teacher feedback to us about his behaviour. As usual, Mdm. Azimah told us he has no problem with his academic... he is well-motivated and very socialble.. but too 'talkatibe' and 'unfocus' during lessons... hmmm... i was worried that this kind of behaviour will worsen when he go to upper primary... now that he gets older each day, his curiousity will gets bolder and easily influence by his schmates. sometimes, its really beyond our control. *sigh Back to his Mid-Year results, im very proud of him cos he did so well! English - 86.5/100 Chinese - 90.5/100 Maths - 98/100 Total > 275/300 Position in Class - 12/33 Position in Pri.2(all level) - 14/298 Although i hv sent him to a neighbourhood primary school, but it seem that Fengshan Pri. has very high expectation from all their students. there are goods and bads to segregate the pupils with flying colors results and those with only average results... i do not want my baby to be stress over his studies.. yes, education is important to everyone esp for them in order to hv a bright future.. but we must neglect how a child feel when too much homework or assessment is given to him/her... whether if he can handle... we hv also deprive their childhood by enforcing too much of these brain-storming programmes and courses... i feel sorry for the kids nowadays..


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