Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deli-ciou-sy Ice-Cream Dessert!

Look at these yummy ice-cream dessert... wrapped with smoothly-icy colorful ingredients! I bought Brandon's fav - Oreoooo! His face was beaming happily whilst having his dessert an hour ago.... We ordered the Pizza Hut delivery as both sleepyheads overslept... so dinner @ 'Spaghetti' is postponed! Brandon's appetite is growing and getting so much better... he finished 2 pieces of the Hawaiian Pan Pizza (without his most-hated 'pineapple'), 2 fish balls, sips of his Daddy's green tea and attempted to drink my Coke too..*haha... he didn't get the chance! (Bleah! Fat Hope) Lastly, follow by his fav coldy dessert...mmmm... his belubb Daddy even took the effort to play his Ben-Ten movie during dinner time! What a good life kid!


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