Sunday, March 14, 2010

Naughty Brandon!

Brandon is getting more and more rebellious under the influence of his friends and his doting Daddy. I found him rude to my mum, Chan's mum, Sri, and many others when not in my presence. I received numerous complaints about him on several occasions and I did lecture him shortly after. But very quickly, he forgets all about it and start his ill-manners again. He gets really out of hand and on every one's nerves lately despite my endless nagging or reminders!
Just few days ago, he almost drove my mum crazy and I have to rush back home to ensure every thing's okay. He tried to make things difficult for her when she was about to send him to school for his final lesson in roller-blading. He constantly pushed his limit until my mum lost her patience and called me for help. I felt sorry and guilty for my mum as she puts in so much effort in taking care of Brandon. At the age of 51, she is still so strong like a Ox, cycles my son to and fro to school, cooks for him, baths him, checks his sch work randomly, and allow him for sleepovers whenever we are busy or at overseas. However, I cannot take her for granted. One day, her energy will drains out and I'm very concerned for health-being.
During our time, we will never defy our parents' orders and we would get so fearful when we saw the cane. Today's kids flee for their lives! Sometimes, when we beat Brandon lightly with our hands, he would get into this very temperamental mood and show us his sullen face the whole day. I realised that beating doesn't solve the problem and it only makes him very disgruntled. I also noted that he gets really stubborn when being disciplined. So the best way is for the whole incident to cool down and reason with him or giving him a little fear of something that he dreads.
Of cos, there are times when I will also get angry, I will just walk away from him and leave him alone. I hope he will learn to reflect his own mistakes and appreciate what others have done for him. I have my frustration and I may lose control moments. Especially when I have to juggle between my stressful job, my close frens and my family. I want Brandon to understand what has been warned to him. He is lucky to have a doting Daddy who always try to fulfill his wishes and standby him most of the time.


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