Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sake Sushi ~ Again!

Brandon never get sick of Sake Sushi! It has always been his top fav when comes to food. His Daddy gave us a dinner treat last night at West Coast Plaza. We were so full... as usual, he never fail to order his Tamago and Chawamushi...
This afternoon, I helped him with his Chinese composition from his tuition lesson, he got on my nerves again. I almost strangle him~ Gosh! My endurance has reached the max and I cannot stand his bad attitude further. I use the cane today and I really beat him hard. He's in total shock and he never expect me to flare up and out of control. He don't have to be top in class, he don't have to be a talented boy, I only want him to be a good boy with respect and kind towards the elders and everyone. As my boy grows older, I'm so afraid he may get bad influence in school. I am his mother, naturally I only want the goods for him and not the bads. No matter how naughty he is, or how angry I am with him, he is still my son, my baby.


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