Monday, May 3, 2010


These few days been busy with my Natas Fair, I didn't spend time with Brandon. So, I called him this afternoon to check on him. I was shocked and disappointed when Brandon reply me rudely! I'm upset with myself as I failed as a mother, for his bad manners. Its not a small issue that I can lightly put it aside. He is growing and learning every single day. If I continue to let him have his way, he will get worse or worst!!! Kids are so hard to teach nowadays~~~

His mid-year exams approaching, but he don't seems to care or bother about his studies. His action has  seriously affected me and I'm worried for him. Eventually, he will lose his motivation or worse, his self esteem! Without confidence, he will becomes lazy, start to tell white lies and many hidden secrets in his brain. Sometimes, I don't even understand why he becomes like that.  He may loses his confidence in most things, eventually mix with bad company and everything will be too late for me by then.

How should I help my boy???


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