Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Unhappy Boy!

I was out for dinner tonight so I'm late. Brandon called me when I was about to board the bus back home. Brandon was unhappy with his Daddy and called to complain about him. I do not know the conversation between both of them and I do not want to jump into conclusion and listen to his side of story only. I told him we shall talk when I reached home in awhile.

The moment I stepped in, I asked him what has happened. He threw the question to his Daddy and wanted Shunxing to tell me. I insisted Brandon to tell me what's going on. He told me he gave his reason why his homework is undone but Shunxing still blamed and scolded him. I explained to Brandon, why his father is upset with him with regards to this issue. In Brandon's point of view, Daddy likes to scold him for no reason even if he explained. I told him never put such bad thinking in his mind cos Daddy loves him so much. He should learn to put himself in other people shoe instead of giving excuses and thinking he is right every time. If Daddy is bad to him, will he buy so many gifts for Brandon? If Daddy is evil, will he bring Brandon to eat his favourite Japanese food or Pasta? Daddy wants Brandon to finish his homework earlier so he will have more time for games and fun! If Brandon tried to find fault with Daddy, then the fault lies with me. I'm the one who gave Brandon permission to do nothing except play and play for one whole week. I told Baby, he shouldn't thought of the bad things his Dad did to him. Instead, he should think of his Dad all the good things that he gave to him and provide for him. Brandon must learn to be more patient and answer Daddy in a nice tone. 

Nevertheless, Brandon did improve abit compare to few months ago. I told him, Mummy is putting a lot of effort to teach him the right things. Mummy is learning to be more tolerant than before cos she do not want Brandon to behave the same way like her. I used to shout at him, talk to him in a sternly and always demand so much from him. Now, I realise this is wrong and I found that, by talking to Brandon in a calm tone, will easily soothe his unhappiness away and eventually, he listens. Shortly after that, I saw Brandon took the initiative to apologise to his Daddy without my reminder. I'm so proud of him. It is a good start to see him in this manner.

I asked Brandon if he would prefer me to talk to him like before or right now? He quickly replied me he likes the current 'me' with a big smile on his face! I told him, in future, before he gets angry with anyone, always think of that person's good points. Naturally, he will not be too upset or take it too hard. How he likes the ending turns out to be in every situation always start from the beginning. If Baby answers back in a good manner, the other party will also reply in a nice tone. But if he answers back in a rude manner, the other party feels offended and he/she will not reply in a nice tone. That's when argument starts rolling in. Now, he talks to me in a much better tone than before which I'm really glad about. We have to give Brandon more time, I do not want to push him too hard to make him worse. I believe in future, Brandon will understand my efforts and all the things I've done for him, is for his own good. 

It's not an easy task being a mother, a parent and a guidance to my Baby!


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