Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Maid- Sri is going back her home

Next month, Sri will fly back to her home at Semarang on 7th August. We will miss her food dearly cos she cooks very well. Every weekend back to Clementi, she will cook 5-6 dishes of delicious lunch and dinner for us. Now, that she's leaving, we will never have a chance to taste it again. T_T I don't think my MIL has master anything from her, so I guess we will be ordering the delivery or eating the outside food after that.

Gonna miss her too... though I am a fussy 'Missy' to her, I complain about her how she folds our clothes, irons our clothes, cleans my house... but overalls, she did help me, my mum, Chan and his parents in many other ways. Brandon also likes to play with her and bully her at times when I'm not present. But she never complains to me about his bad behaviour. 

I can tell she is happy here with us... heehee... she puts on a lot of weight especially these few months... I wonder if her son will recognise her... (Ops! I'm so bad~) but no matter how, I am really really happy for her cos she earns some money back to open a food stall at her son's school canteen. She's gonna see her son soon and will have ample time with her son every day. All the best to her and and good health to her mum..    


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