Monday, August 9, 2010

Decent Meal becomes Indecent!

Good intention to cook a meal for Brandon.. but...huh...
Look at my 'chao-ta' hot-dogs...sob-sob~
A rare chance for me to laze at home... thanks to our 'National Day'... I'm able to do so and so much wanted to cook a decent meal for Brandon. Already woke up so late at 11plus.. he had brunch for breakfast. I thought it's easy to make a light simple meal for his late lunch..but... OMG! My sausages look very appealing the first five mins, I just turned to wash few dishes and came back to find them all burnt into 'black patches'! Brandon was disgusted and told me bluntly he will not eat any of those even if I cut away those burnt skins. Arghhh!!!

Even the porridge doesn't interest him at all. He only love the small meat chunks that I cooked shortly after and he only ate those. In the end, I finished the tasteless porridge and burnt hot-dogs all by myself. sigh~~~ I asked for it.. I should stick to my delivery call.


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