Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Chat

I just sent Brandon to school and am reminiscing our earlier conversation...

B: Mummy, Harrold will only be my friend whenever I log into FB and Club Pengiun, we play and chat but its not likewise when we're in school..

M: Oh! why is that so?

B: Because we have our lessons the whole day with teacher's presence, there's no way we can talk or chat except during recess time and it's only 20mins.

M: ...mmm.. But isnt it unhealthy whereby both of you are only good frens when you go online...

B: No! It doesn't affect my health at all!!!

M: Aiyo! I'm not referring to your 'health', I meant it's not good to be friends only when you play online games with your friends.... you should learn to interact and mingle with your classmates in school more often. 

B: But that's what we call cyber-wellness, which is better than cyber-bullying, isn't that so?..

M: *faintz~


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