Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Day @ School

today i got full marks for my spelling test! hurray! my mummy so proud of mi.. she even give mi a Big Kiss! *mmuak* i had my 'Gym Kids Lesson' this afternoon.. i get to learn some simple exercise.. then aft i played games with my frens... we played 'tic-tac-toe'..sissors-paper-stone.. wh my mummy said she oso played tt when she was young.. *kekeke* we oso played 'lego' n i made a spaceship & aeroplane!

i lubb to go school bcos i have so much fun wif my frens... =P our year-end concert, i will have 3 performances > 1- 'play kung-fu' / 2- 'dancing under the song >licky-licky-yah-ah-ah' / 3- 'play the role of Liang Shan Po' ... my mummy said this will be my final year, i will graduate fm my Kindergarten n go to Primary One next yr... im so excited n looking forward to my new school - Fengshan Pri Sch. *yeee..*

my mummy just came back fm work.. she helped mi took sm pics of my 'brown bear' wh Mr.Bean always carry wif him when he go out n play.. my Yi-Yi's boyfriend bought this bear for mi when they went Genting last wk.. im very happy!

now, i mus go to sleep cos my mummy said i always get up late for my sch bus.. good-nite everybody..


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