Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mummy is Back!

my mummy finally came back abit early tonite to help mi with my blog.. naughty mummy always come back home so late.. but im not angry with her.. bcos i lubb my mummy! oh---- and daddy too! i told mummy that when i grow up in future, i will bring her n daddy to watch movie... to the library.. cos mummy lubb to borrow books.. mi too! i oso lubb to go library.. we just went there on last Sun, i borrowed 2 books about dinosaurs... cos our Term 4 main topic is about dinosaurs... i was so hapi... *lahlalal* i like my daddy's picanto green car cos he put many lights in his car.. there are 4 colours=== blue, red, green, yellow.. wow! im so hapi.. *heehee* my daddy will fetch mi back home early for tml cos he promised mi he will play games with mi.. YeaH! i like to draw Power-Rangers Dino-Thunder... i made many paper aeroplanes n mummy keep nagging at mi to keep them away in my room nicely.. but i really cannot find a space for my aeroplanes.. *angry*.. she don't even understand! that day my daddy helped mi made an aeroplane lantern for my school project.. our teachers want us to make a recycled lantern with our own creation.. but my grandpa teared up my lantern thinking that there are 'jewels' inside the plane.. cos it's made from magazine papers.. I'm so so angry.. *hmm*! i think i must go to sleep now.. cos it's 10.25pm.. passed my sleeping time.. wait daddy n mummy nag nag again.. *aiyo*.. gd nite everybody...


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