Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Lost my 2 Teeth! :(

Mummy helped me take a picture of my lost teeth.. because I have 2 new teeth growing.. *hahaha* I just changed my blogskin cos I told Mummy that my fav. character is SPIDER MAN.. not SPONGE BOB SQ.PANT! *sigh* Anyway, she managed to find a nice blogskin so I forgive her... Today we intend to go out cos Mummy is not working and she has finished her housework. Now, my house is clean and tidy.. very very nice... But due to heavy rain, we decided to stay at home and watch DVDs.. later we will go over to MaMa's house for dinner and I will sleepover cos Mummy and Daddy have to work early morning.. tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I have no school due to Pri. 6 - PSLE exam.. so I will be at MaMa's house the whole day.. think she will go crazy cos every time she always scream at me and nag,nag,nag... *Zzzzzz* OK.. Mummy have to bath soon otherwise she will be smelly.. shall update again! Have a great weekend! *lalalalalal*


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