Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happily @ YeYe house!

Today I am very happy cos Mummy was with me the whole day. I woke up up to brush teeth together... She wanna sleep awhile more but I dun let her...=P NaiNai bought Roti-Prata for my breakfast.. Yummy! Daddy bought Mummy's favourite 'Lor-Mee'... She eat so fast!

Afternoon, NaiNai bought Duck noodle for my lunch but I don't like... I insist Mummy to cook the 'Maggie Mee' for me.. cos it's very delicious.. so I like it alot!!! Then, I accompanied her downstairs to buy cough syrup for YeYe.. cos he been coughing since last nite.. Mummy don't like YeYe to get sick again!

Then an idea came to me! I want to play 'snake & ladder' but it's at MaMa's house.. so I drew myself... Mummy took a picture of it.. she is so proud of mi wor.. *hehehe* Then I played with YeYe and NaiNai.. they so happy.. Yes, I'm the winner! # erm.. Mummy said I cheated cos there's no dice.. I told them to close their eyes to think of a no. # so Mummy scolded me again... =(

*But I still enjoy my weekend!.. cos Mummy accompanied both days... *


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