Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday!

Finally it's Friday! Yeah!!! I lubb weekends... tonight I'm sleeping at MaMa's hse cos Mummy & Daddy is not free...I'm so happy cos YiYi i back early today.. Mummy called me around 8pm to question me about my Spelling and my homework. Because MaMa complained to her that I never pack my school bag nicely, my homework was half dne and my handwriting is very untidy.. *=P* Mummy was abit unhappy and she hope that I will buck up and learnt my lesson. She took a picture of the model car that I got for Remixis. He so poor thing! He has been hospitalised for the past 4days due to 'hand-foot-mouth disease'. So I bought him 2 sets of models (1-car+1-aeroplane). Mummy was back late last night, so I fixed the model by myself.. Hee.. Kool rite? Mummy will pick me up early morning to her office together due to her duty tomorrow. I lubb to be in her office cos I like to play with the 'KorKor & JieJie' there... After that, we will go back Clementi to stay at YeYe's house. She promised me that she will do poster-coloring with me... mmm.. I hope she will not break her promise again!.. O_o


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