Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Dinner with Mummy @ Shokudo!

whole day at Mummy's office.. I been having lots of fun.. watched u-tube videos and do my Maths e-learning.. so happy.. I even helped to entertain Mummy's customer.. she has a shocked when I told her guest I'm going to Bintan too next month.. Mummy just stared at me.. *boo* think she can't stand me so talkative.. *lalala* I really like to visit her office cos I have Uncle Daniel & Auntie Judy played with me.

After Mummy finished her work, we wanted to go Sake Sushi.. but it was closed at Raffles MRT. So, she decided to bring me to Raffles Place- Shokudo.. I thought there are sushi but there isn't.. Mummy said the Galic Fried rice is good, but it taste so bitter when i tried. Hmm! Naughty Mummy.. only ordered what she like to eat. Then she saw that I don't like my food at all, she gave up her Grilled Chicken rice to me.. Yummy! very nice.. I like it. She also ordered a Mushroom & Vegetable hotpot.. the soup was nice too! I still left abit.. i told her I'm full.. she tempt me with cold cold ice cream.. so, i quickly 'hump-hump'.. finished all my food and we go and choose 'cookies & cream' ice cream.. I Lubb It!!!!

I had a great day with Mummy.. so happy... =D


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