Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My tests

I had my English test today.. ermm.. not so difficult, at least I know the answers to many questions. Tomorrow is my Maths test and I have practised earlier before Mummy came back home. She was abit late and she bought many things. She bought mi a set of clothes = top & bottom.. beri cute and unique.. especially the pant, I like it! She also bought for Angel and Melody.. all very sweet...^o^

She also bought many breads.. Auntie Judy helped her to buy from Maxwell Market. Mummy lubb to eat them cos all are freshly baked out in the afternoon.. I had 1 Cheese bread when Mummy is cooking her maggie mee.. She didn't had her dinner yet. But she ate alot leh! After finished her noodles, she still had 1 CharSiew bread before she washed her bowl. Fatty Mummy! *hahaha*


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