Monday, August 18, 2008

A new blogskin created by my Mummy!

Mummy finally free to spend all her time to design a new blogskin for mi! I'm very happy cos she load my fav. cartoon character - Spiderman.. *Yeah!* she came to fetch mi from MaMa's house earlier, had her dinner there..
Today Mummy asked mi a question when we took the cab home. She wanna know if I like her.. if I'm unhappy with her.. I told her I love Mummy but I also angry with her.. I don't like her to scold mi all the time.. She never keep her promise to do poster coloring with mi over the weekends.. She promise not to scare mi but she did it on last Saturday! I was very frightened when she told mi my great-grandpa & grandma will punish mi if I never 'pai-pai' properly.. I didn't sleep well and I cried for awhile.. Naughty Mummy! *hmm!*
I made a lantern with recycled materials by myself.. MaMa also helped alot.. I tell her what I wanna do and she cut and tied for mi.. MaMa very good.. the pic shown is not a complete set yet.. I still have things to add.. wait till I finished then I will take another pic to show you all!
OK.. tomorrow I have test in school, have to sleep early.
Goodnight everyone!


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