Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MC for 2 Days....

Mummy and Daddy very happy that YeYe's operation was so successful... we were relieved that YeYe's kidney is nt affected and he do nt have to go thru any dialysis treatment! Hooray!!! =D i did nt go to school these 2 days because i have fever and flu.. so Mummy bring me to the doc and get 2 days MC for mi.. Mummy told mi to rest more and remember to revise my worksheet for my oncoming exams.. Mummy said it will be very difficult this time!

When we reached home, we saw an insect in my room.. Daddy don't dare to touch, so left with Mummy coming with her 'incredible pesticide' sprayed tt creature to death! OMG!!! it's so disgusting.. i asked Mummy took a pic, did you all see? any idea if its a cockroach or ???? then Aunty Vanes came with her frens to move our sofa to her home. Mummy wanted to throw away cos it's old le and there's no space to keep.. bt Aunty Vanes lubb the sofa cos she always sleep on it whenever she stay overnite at our place.. lots of memories for her wor.. plus my new bed will be delivered on the 27th.. im so happy!

Oh! I wanna thank Aunty Judy.. for giving mi that cute lobster and little mini pig! I ate it and it's YummY!!! I thought the flowers are nice cos Mummy said it's edible, bt Yucks!!! i tried one and puked out straightaway... Naughty Mummy!


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