Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yeah! Wild Wild Wet So FUN!!!

Yesterday was Melody's bday! She likes to play with mi. I even cut the cake together with her leh.. Aunty Laura said I took many pictures with her and she will pass to Mummy so that she upload them in my blog for mi. *Horray* Today again I have so much fun with Melody and her cousin-Yadon! after we visited YeYe, Mummy bring mi to Downtown East to join Aunty Laura they all at Wild Wild Wet.. Melody so cute, wearing her mini-bikini.. *hahaha* her short seem too big for her.. keep dropping.. Mummy bought 12 donuts for mi and her frens. I chose my fav- Oreo but I didn't have chance to eat it.. cos Melody and Yadon ate it when I came back from my Big Float! *Arghh!* Mummy brought mi all the way up the stairs to try the Slide.. we so excited about it but when the staff measure my height, I'm less than 1.2m so she don't allow mi to play! *Bwahhh* I'm so sad!!! My Mummy, only care about herself... she asked mi to go down and watch her slide... I am really disappointed! Then we decided to try another short slide but again due to my height, I can't play that too! Same goes for the Bicycle Ride in the air.. *crying* Mummy said it's bcos I don't eat that's why I did not grow taller. From now onwards, I shall eat more and I will go there again to play with Mummy all those rides. After all those fun, we went back chalet bathed, rest & relax... =D Aunty Laura's Mummy cooked rice and soup for us.. so Yummy! I finished almost all.. left a little bit.. so full.. then Aunty Ivi and her frens keeping asking Mummy to stay overnight.. I was more then happy cos I like to be with them. *hee* We came back this afternoon and we going to visit YeYe again later. Mummy told mi to encourage YeYe to be strong, must eat so that he can go home soon. I also hope YeYe will recover quickly cos he keep complaining that he's painful. *sad*


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