Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Trip Cancelled!

Today Mummy leave mi under YiYi's care cos she took 2days leave to look after Angel. Jiu-Mu already took 3days and she has so much work to do in her office. YiYi & KorKor played games wit mi and helped mi with my school holiday homework. I was so much looking forward to our Club Med Bintan trip tomorrow but Mummy called this afternoon to inform mi it's CANCELLED! I was not happy and I don't want to talk to her. Bcos she said YeYe now very sick and he did not go for his operation. So, Daddy cannot go and asked both of us to travel ourselves. But Mummy was worried in case something happen to YeYe and we are not here. So, she told mi she will change our trip to another time. *hmm!* I didn't have much fun during this school holiday. Naughty Mummy only bring mi to office. I hanged up Mummy's calls 2 times and she called back to scold mi. She very angry with mi. But I really wanna go Bintan. She said she will bring mi to Melody's chalet tomorrow and I can have lots of fun there! But we must go visit YeYe early morning first.


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