Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

We had a fun weekend together! Did you see the pics above? I made this 'Potato Surprise' with Brandon today. He showed me a book that he borrowed from his school library. He sound so keen about cooking and I don't wish to disappoint him. So, I agreed to buy the ingredients with him this morning after our breakfast. He helped to cut the hot-dogs into cubes and those lill cherries into halves. He was so excited... we bought the Parmesan cheese for toppings.. I didn't know it's so expensive. It cost me SGD6.50 for a small packet leh! Gosh!

Then, Sri helped us to boil the potatoes before I cut a hole into each one in order to put in those ingredients . Brandon only helped out halfway and his eyes were glued to the TV after that. Guess what? He didn't helped further cos shortly after, he went out with his Dad to Popular to buy his color/art papers for the Origami. Kids are just that! So, of cos, I was left alone to finish the whole thing... I baked the potatoes for about 40 mins, we had the most Yummy bites! *kekeke* His YeYe & NaiNai lubb it too! Sri tried too... his Dad tried too.. I felt happy when I see everyone enjoying the food!

Then, I agreed to meet my sis to my Bro's house. We had a fun Wi-time at his house. We were totally crazy... playing this game called - RAYMAN and I took some pics of these 'Wi-Fanatics' to show all of you.. *hahaha* I believe Brandon had a wonderful time this wkend.. its been so long since I spend my wkends with him.. I will try my best to spend more time with him... and work hard for him cos I am really looking forward to own a hse for both of us in few years time!


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