Monday, March 9, 2009

Officialy now Mummy-Baby Blog!

Today, I shall announce this blogspot belongs to 'Mummy-Baby's Blog'! I wanted to put in my thoughts and feels about my Baby here. I can't act on behalf of him since I AM NOT HIM. So after reading the past posts that I written for him, I realise he may have his otherwise thinking which I do not know about it. Being a mother to my baby for coming 8years, I was ashamed to admit that I still do not know him well. He has been a bright kid since young and only now then I realise I have deprived him from many things. I want him to be independant, to excel in whatever things I expect him to learn so that he do not fall behind other students/kids. I only shower him my lubb when I am in good mood and throw my tempers on him when I am in a foul mood. I expect him to understand my feeling, my stress when he was just barely 4 yrs old. He does not enjoyed his childhood like Caleb, eating biscuits and drop the crumbs all over the floor..using his hand to dip inside his bowl of cereal with milk.. playing water game inside/outside the house... drawing the walls... eat and drink and mess all over his clothes.. many many other things... I just want him to behave like an adult.. like me! I don't want any hassle from Baby... I am so cruel! *sigh* I hope I am not too late to be a good Mummy to him. I have failed my marriage but I do not wish to fail my duty as a 'Mother'. Every kid is special to their parents. No matter how good or bad our boy is, we will always protect and standby our kid. Many of my frens think that I am too strict with Baby, but I really meant for his own good. Now, Baby already a big boy.. getting more knowledge and he is aware and sensitive to many things. As much that I do not wish to affect him about our separation, but I feel it's a must that he should know so that it will not result a big impact to him when more things changes/happens.


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