Wednesday, July 15, 2009

missing my baby

Its been more than 10 days i did not see my Baby... i miss him alot! I start to wonder, has he ever miss mi or thought of mi? I leave him at my Mum's place under quarantine due to that stupid H1N1. I just flew back from Philippines and i dun wish to affect his studies. I just saw he has 2 competition to attend - English and Maths in July and August respectively. Think his school put too much pressure on these kids nowadays. This Friday gonna be Baby's 8th yr birthday. We got a surprise for him! Its his favourite most wanted thing... it took me to consider quite awhile before i decided to buy it. He has no idea what is his pressie... but he requested for 'goodies bag' to all his classmates.. i rejected him! I dun want to let him have this habit of giving out 'goodies bag' every yr.. this is unnecessary and its not an obligation that i have to do what he want all the time. I told my sis we shall celebrate his birthday at Mum's place this Friday. I shall go buy a cake and surprise him wif all his fav stuffs... *kekeke... looking forward to it... mmm... i miss him!


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