Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slack + Lazy + Rude + Lame

Brandon is totally out of control! I have warned him since last week about his behaviour, his attitude, his forgetfulness and his rudeness. He seem to turn me a deaf ear and never heed my countless warnings. I caned him earlier for more than 3 times. I checked his homework, his handwriting was so untidy and all the answers that he written were mostly WRONG! He didn't bother to double-check and not only that, tomorrow he's having his CH and EN spellings and he has not learn any of them! Arghh!!! I told him I will check on him every day and he better ensure his school bag is neatly packed. I do not wish to see any rubbish or more than 3 storybooks inside cos it's too heavy for him to carry to school. His final year exams is just round the corner and his form teacher already gave him the exact details what he will be tested on. Yet he dun seem to bother... I been seeing him watching his cartoons series and movies every night... lying on the sofa... reading his comics or storybooks/magazines... playing with his toys... I reminded him again and again to do more assessment and revise his past worksheets/textbooks... I'm just talking to the walls cos he show no reaction! That really gets on my nerves tonight!!! If possible, I try my best not to use cane on him cos I don't like to punish him in this manner and I think he's old enough to know what he suppose to do. I gave him my reason why I allowed him to study at his own pace so that he don't feel restricted and I trust him to behave himself. Again, he has proven me wrong! He screamed at my mum again for not able to find his spelling list where that piece of paper was inside his school bag! I don't wish to see my mum get more stress over his matter. I have to teach him a lesson to be more mindful with language and speak to everyone politely. His temper is getting worse and if I don't keep him under control now, he will definitely get more aggressive with those that he can bully! Lately, he also been taking my mum for granted. *sigh... so, if I don't him how serious I am right now, he will get worse each day! Teaching a kid to be obedient.. to be good takes lot Patience... it's not easy task especially when they learn more things, they will argue back with you all kinds of reasons! Finally I'm done with his spellings and school work... I'm so shag and tired.....


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